UPDATE: Twitter Denies Pete Hegseth's Appeal; Ban Remains

Uploaded 12/9/19 by JVL, from Pete Hegseth Instagram

Over the weekend we reported on Twitter’s suspension of Fox News’ Pete Hegseth after he retweeted what Saudi terrorist Mohammed al-Shamrani posted just before murdering three people at Naval Air Station Pensacola on Friday.


Hegseth announced Monday morning via his not-yet-banned Instagram account that Twitter had denied his appeal, writing:

Twitter DENIED my appeal. Still BANNED. I will NEVER delete the tweet. And never stop fighting back against radical Islam and the poison of political correctness!

Thanks for the support. More to come.

Using his father, Brian’s, Twitter account, Hegseth asked, “Why did I serve in Afghanistan, Iraq and GItmo again? To get banned for speaking truth about Islamism? Twitter is pathetic. Never back down!”

A Twitter spokesperson told the Washington Examiner Monday that by posting the “manifesto” (can Twitter still call it a manifesto if, allegedly, the attack wasn’t terror?) Hegseth violated Twitter rules, which are enforced “‘judiciously and impartially’ for all Twitter users.” (No word on if the representative said that with a straight face.) The Examiner further noted that the Twitter spox “declined to comment on the length of Hegseth’s suspension.”


Twitter’s “terrorism and violent extremism policy” prohibits posts which “threaten or promote terrorism or violent extremism,” and gives four examples.

  • engaging in or promoting acts on behalf of a terrorist organization or violent extremist group;
  • recruiting for a terrorist organization or violent extremist group;
  • providing or distributing services (e.g., financial, media/propaganda) to further a terrorist organization’s or violent extremist group’s stated goals; and
  • using the insignia or symbols of terrorist organizations or violent extremist groups to promote them.

Sooo… Hegseth reporting what a terrorist said prior to shooting up a military installation is threatening or promoting terrorism or violent extremism? That’s an odd take.


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