Graham Pledges His Own Investigation - Into Dems on Senate Judiciary Committee

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Sunday morning Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), appearing on Sunday Morning Futures, pledged to look into a few things during this week delay of the Kavanaugh confirmation vote. If he follows through on this, a few Democrats and their staffers should be shaking in their boots.


He shared what set him off in Thursday’s hearing, prompting righteous indignation.

When Durbin told him, turn to Don McGahn if you’re truly innocent and ask for this [FBI investigation] can continue, that was a bridge too far.

When it comes to judicial nominees nominated by our side, I’m going to make sure they’re treated fairly, and he was not.

Graham noted that the Committee had already performed interviews and investigations and that “the Democrats on the committee haven’t helped us at all.”

There will be a final passage vote late this week, Graham promised, saying he’s confident Kavanaugh would be confirmed. Then he asked Maria if he could list out what he’s going to do this week.

Here’s what’s gonna happen. I’m gonna ask Senator Grassley to get to the bottom of how this hearing process was so hijacked, the unethical aspects of it, the slash-and-burn aspects of it, the effort to delay it, to abuse, I think, Dr. Ford’s trust.

And, he’s going to find out why Dr. Ford was apparently ignorant of the Committee’s offer to interview her privately in California. He listed the communications that were made extending the offer:

  • September 19 – Grassley sent letter to Katz offering to go to California “or anywhere”
  • September 22 – SJC staff email to Katz offering the same
  • September 22 – Grassley tweet
  • September 22 – Grassley letter to SJC Democrats
  • September 22 – Grassley letter to Feinstein

That’s not the only issue that should be investigated, as many of us at RedState have noted. Graham continued:

I’m gonna find out who on Feinstein’s staff recommended Katz to be Dr. Ford’s lawyer. It’s improper for senators to recommend lawyers for constituents.

I’m gonna ask, if you thought she needed a lawyer as a staff member, why didn’t you come forward and tell the Committee about the allegation?

I’m going to try to find out who betrayed Dr. Ford’s trust to remain anonymous. There are three groups had the letter: a Democratic congresswoman and her staff, Feinstein and her staff, and I don’t believe Feinstein did this, and Dr. Ford’s lawyers. No friend sent this out to the press. No friend would do this to her. The person who sent this…had a political agenda.

I’m going to find out who on the Democratic side leaked an anonymous letter sent to Senator Gardner…claiming that Judge Kavanaugh did something wrong in 1998 in Colorado.

The bottom line is, we’re going to look into a betrayal of trust by Dr. Ford, a betrayal of the Committee rules.

Watch the exchange below.


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