Alyssa Milano's Disrespectful, Juvenile Behavior at Hearing Shows She Has No Soul

Alyssa Milano, for reasons unknown as she certainly has no qualifications, attended the Kavanaugh hearing today as the guest of Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).


Attention whore that she is, she kept leaning into the aisle to get her mug into the shot.

Though she complained about Republicans looking at their phones while Christine Blasey Ford was testifying…

…she was doing more than just looking. She was tweeting.

Us normal people who have feelings and a soul were choked up right along with Brett Kavanaugh, and I thought his statement might somehow touch her, that she would feel empathy for another human being. Nope. She sits there tweeting and RT’ing, taking part in the exact same “coordinated hit job” Kavanaugh was describing.


It wouldn’t be Alyssa if we didn’t have another hit of “sexism” thrown in.

What about this woman, Alyssa?

Hashtag #Irony below.

Yes, it does, but it’s not to be found on her side of the aisle. She wouldn’t know character if it was sitting in front of her – and it is.



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