Alyssa Milano Proves CNN Will Give An Outlet to Any Old Idiot

Sometimes I wish we could go back to 2015 or 2016, when Shannon Watts was the dumbest gun-grabbing woman out there. Alyssa Milano has overtaken Watts, and CNN is giving her a platform to publish one of the most #FakeNews opinion pieces (masquerading as news, of course) I’ve seen.


The topic, of course, is today’s Outrage! of choice, 3D gun plans.

Imagine this: the convicted domestic abuser next door tries to buy a gun. He’s turned down because he fails his background check. When he gets home, he opens up his browser, and in half an hour he’s printing out his own undetectable, fully functional plastic gun, with no background check and no record of his purchase.

As of August 1, it will be a reality in America — unless we are able to stop it.

It pains me to have to respond to something this utterly stupid, because every sentence has so many fallacies that it’s tough to know where to begin.

First, we don’t have convicted domestic abusers on every street in America.

Second, printing out a 3D gun takes more preparation than simply open browser, click, print. One must own a 3-D printer and already have plastic suitable for printing a gun on hand, for starters.

“Undetectable, fully functional plastic gun.”

No. There are metal parts in plastic guns, you silly twit. But knowing that would require you to know a little about guns and how they work instead of hijacking a money-making cause and manufacturing outrage to rescue your career.

Also, it’s already against federal law to build a gun that’s undetectable. If you had read any of the interviews with Cody Wilson or analysis of the Liberator gun, you would already know that he made sure he wasn’t himself building an “undetectable” gun because he didn’t want to be committing a crime himself.


I’ll grant you that it’s fully functional…for a time, at least.

Milano continues on:

It is not hyperbole to say that this could mean the end of our ability to have meaningful gun violence prevention in America.

When someone starts with “It’s not hyperbole,” what usually follows is hyperbole. #Protip. She’s also giving away what their real issue is – control. She next attempts to address some critics.

There are those who will say that 3D printing of guns is not a major issue — that it’s unpractical or too expensive, but many people said the same thing about tablets, e-readers, cell phones, laptops, home printers, computers and cars. And in 2013, for a printer that then cost less than $2,000, it was possible to make a plastic gun that successfully fired at least 9 shots.

I picture her reading this on film, and all I see is Summer Wheatley in Napoleon Dynamite standing on stage asking if we all want to eat “chiminichangas” next year.

She might be taken a little more seriously if she attempted to print her own gun and documented how easy (or not) and how accurate and reliable (or not) it was. She promises to fight this with everything she has, including at the ballot box! But, she needs YOU!

But without the public electing a Congress with the backbone to stand up to the gun industry and drawing a line in the sand at guns on demand for everyone, anytime, it’s unlikely to happen.


The gun industry had exactly zero to do with this court settlement, Alyssa. It’s a speech issue, dealing with State Department regulations (known as ITAR) aimed at preventing sensitive defense industry knowledge from falling into the wrong hands. Also, as Sean Davis helpfully pointed out, because of our patent system gun plans have been public knowledge for “more than two centuries.”

Alyssa, do us all a favor and go home, read a few books, go to the range a few times, learn your topic, and then you can show back up in the public square.


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