Kanye Has Survived a Kardashian Marriage (So Far), But Will He Survive Trump Love?

Kanye West is no stranger to controversy; in fact, he generally causes it and harnesses the reaction for his benefit. Who can forget, “Imma let you finish…”


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He turned the Taylor Swift backlash around, working the event into lyrics on a 2016 album that wasn’t even finished when it was released after an over-the-top publicity whirlwind.

One day he’s defending his Swift lyric, another day he’s proclaiming he’s $52 million in debt and venting about the state of American’s education system while requesting Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg help him become this generation’s Walt Disney and “make the world a better place.” He also issued a series of introspective tweets about his ego and announced he has collaborative records with Drake and Future coming soon.

There have been numerous controversies since, but nothing seems to touch Kanye (or Kim’s) celebrity power. In the last week he might have gone too far for the post-Trump, one-tweet-can-ruin-a-career crowd, though.

First he tweeted support for Candace Owens, a black conservative who shut down a Black Lives Matter protest at UCLA, saying that there is a difference between a victim and a victor mentality, and that she chose to possess a victor mentality.

West tweeted, “I love the way Candace Owens thinks,” and the backlash was swift. As Owens said, it was front page news because “he is not allowed to think differently as a black man.”


Instead of shying away, Kanye has taken his “independent thought” to a never-before-seen level. After waxing philosophical about “free thought” and “new ideas,” he took a few critics to task.

Then referred to racial politics (maybe?):

Cracked a joke:

Channeled Bob Marley (“emancipate yourselves from mental slavery”):

Inched toward MAGA:

Made a disclaimer:


Then went full MAGA:



And the Trump love was returned.


It shouldn’t be too surprising – Kanye canceled a number of concert dates after he told a San Jose, California audience in November 2016 that he hadn’t voted in the Presidential election, but if he had, he would have voted “on Trump.”

Stephen Colbert is questioning Kanye’s mental fitness, as are other Hollywood/liberal types. Kim Kardashian takes her share of criticism from all sides, but she’s standing by her husband and tweeted a very sensible defense of him (and of anyone who dares to think outside liberally-accepted parameters) Wednesday.

Kanye does have a history of mental health issues, and he’s fortunate to have a wife who sticks up for him.


As a capper, Kanye pointed out the truth about Obama and Chicago.

He’s survived dissing Taylor Swift and marrying a Kardashian, but can he survive the one sure Hollywood career destroyer – Donald Trump?


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