School's In: CEO Blasts Nancy Pelosi's "Crumbs" Comment (WATCH)

Last Thursday Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Rich Off Hubby’s Money) held a rambling press conference in which she characterized the bonuses corporations are giving their rank-and-file employees as “crumbs.”


Of course, she has to spin it that way because for months she and her acolytes predicted that the tax cut would only benefit the rich and the evil corporations. Not to mention conceding that the tax cut helps workers would be devastating for them in an election year.

It hardly requires mentioning that they’d rather build up a jealous class-warfare narrative than admit the obvious truth that getting a bonus is something Americans will like.

Waste Management, Inc. is one of the many companies providing bonuses as a direct result of this GOP tax plan that Pelosi fought. The company announced this week that they’re giving 34,000 “rank-and-file” employees a $2,000 bonus – which, again, is something that is obviously and inarguably a good thing – and its CEO, James Fish destroyed Nancy Pelosi’s “crumbs” comment on Fox Business on Tuesday morning.


Over at Townhall, Guy Benson breaks down Fish’s comments.

He calmly explains three points: (1) The tens of thousands of employees receiving $2,000 tax reform-inspired bonuses are working people — “drivers, helpers on the back of trucks, recycle workers, landfill workers, customer service agents” — who earn $40-$60k annually.  An extra two grand in their pockets (in addition to their tax cuts) is a big deal.  “We’re giving [these bonuses] to those folks because not only because they’re hardworking, but they don’t participate in our annual bonus plans, which typically are for salaried employees,” he says.  (2) Injecting $68 million into the economy in the form of augmented income for middle class employees has a stimulative effect on the broader economy.  (3) “From a shareholder standpoint, this is good for us because retention is always an issue for our company. It’s always an issue for companies that employ drivers and hourly employees like these, so this is good for us in terms of retention.”


Hopefully Pelosi took some notes about how the economy actually works.

The Democrats are trying their hardest to spit on the payraises and bonuses. Hopefully American workers also took some notes. On how the Democrats actually work.


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