Like the Postal Service, This Florist Didn't Let Gloom Keep Her From Her Appointed Rounds

Imagine evacuating your home in an extreme rush as a wildfire rages in toward you, then looking at the news a few hours later and seeing your home – like this:


That was Robyn Dahlson’s experience Thursday when her home in Bonsall, CA was destroyed in the Lilac Fire. She and her fiance, Jon Large, were only able to leave with what was in their to go bags. She wrote Friday morning, “The fact that what is in my to go bag is all that I now own seems a little overwhelming.”

Fortunately Robyn and Jon were able to get Robyn’s dad, who has Multiple Sclerosis, to safety.

As a caretaker and a business owner, Robyn is used to meeting the needs of others. No one would blame her if she needed a few days to adjust to her new reality and take a break from real life. But Robyn had a client getting married Saturday and was determined to bring the bride and her Marine groom their flowers. There was one small roadblock – her shop, The Social Flower, was still within an evacuation zone.


She knew she had to give it her best shot, so she headed toward the shop.

Robyn says:

After a small amount of pleading, this Sheriff let me get through to my shop to deliver a wedding to a young marine. As I left to go back through I told him that he had no idea how happy that young couple would be, and asked if he’d take a photo to show them how much today meant ❤️❤️

I watched them turn many people away and many were frustrated. Please remember they are doing their best to keep us safe. — at The Social Flower.

Throughout this week of disaster and heartbreak in Southern California, we’ve seen countless examples of people putting aside their own pain and loss to help or bring a smile to others. Thank you, Robyn, for your positive example.


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