Gross! Matt Lauer Caught On Video Creeping on Viera (WATCH)

If the written descriptions of Matt Lauer’s despicably creepy behavior toward his female colleagues published earlier today haven’t caused you to lose your appetite, this video might just send you over the edge.


Shortly after Meredith Viera started at Today in September 2006, a local NBC affiliate mistakenly stayed with the in-studio live feed during a commercial break and caught this interaction between Lauer and Viera, who was bending over the table to pick up her script.

By watching Lauer’s expression one can determine the exact moment Viera’s cleavage comes into his view. It’s difficult to say which is creepier – Lauer’s facial expression, or the way he tells Viera, “Pretty sweater. Keep bending over like that. It’s a nice view.”

Lauer acts as if talking to a co-worker like that is normal, and no one in the studio calls him on his behavior. It was clearly just a way of life at NBC News.


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