House Votes to Do Away With Nonsensical SSA Gun Rule, CNN Pushes Propaganda

In December, the Social Security Administration finalized a rule which, among other things, ruled that Social Security Disability beneficiaries whose checks were payable to a conservator or guardian were mentally deficient, and therefore they were prohibited from owning or purchasing a gun.


Unless you’re a person who pays close attention to laws relating to the Second Amendment, you probably didn’t hear about it.

Before you think, “Well, if Uncle Leon isn’t fit to take care of his finances, maybe he shouldn’t have a gun either,” consider that there are quite a few elderly people who can’t navigate the world of electronic banking who are nevertheless completely able to handle a gun responsibly. This rule could take Uncle Leon’s Second Amendment rights away without notice or hearing.

On Thursday the House, using the Congressional Review Act, voted down that SSA rule – but the headlines read nothing like reality.

It all started with the Associated Press:

Then CNN posted a story with an incorrect headline and filled with complete propaganda.


Of course, blaming the NRA (dog whistle alert!)…

The Republican-led House voted Thursday to repeal an Obama-era Social Security Administration regulation to keep people with severe mental illnesses from buying guns.

The Senate is expected to pass the National Rifle Association-backed measure soon and President Donald Trump is expected to sign it.


After CNN and Jake Tapper tweeted the story (with that headline) and were hit with a deluge of tweets pointing out what actually happened (including that the ACLU had opposed the regulation), CNN changed the headline, deleted the intro, and added some clarification.

The new introduction:

The regulation instituted in the final days of the Obama administration required the SSA to share information about those who are considered incapable of managing their own disability benefits due mental illness.

And clarifying information:

The rule sought to limit the ability of those with mental illness to purchase guns but drew criticism for casting too wide a net and not providing the opportunity for due process. Opponents of the rule, including the National Rifle Association and the American Civil Liberties Union, also said the broad range of reasons that could be used to designate someone for the SSA database include conditions that should not stop a gun purchase.

To CNN’s credit, they noted that they “updated” the story and headline. Tapper deleted his original tweet and replaced it with the updated information.

CLARIFICATION: The story and headline have been updated to more fully reflect the impact of the rule.


Still, others on Twitter pushed the false narrative:

Including members of Congress.

Go home, Judy, you’re drunk.

Yeah, wasn’t aware Dylann Roof was an SSI beneficiary who couldn’t handle his own finances. Next?

Oh, what’s that? You want to read the actual rule? Here you go.

Yet another example showing that when the leftists are out of power, they are ruthless in their efforts to regain it.


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