Pro-Hamas Agitators Whine Like Babies When Jews They Attacked Turn the Table on Them

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As our RedState editor Bob Hoge reported, Palestinian Youth Movement L.A. and Code Pink L.A. organized a Pro-Hamas/"Free Palestine" protest outside the Adas Torah synagogue in Los Angeles, just because. The Jewish synagogue members and participants fought back, and the protest escalated into violence, with eggs, pepper spray, and fists being thrown. Some people and journalists were thrown to the ground and kicked, while others were bludgeoned. 


Chaotic Scene Outside L.A. Synagogue As Pro-Hamas Assailants Attack Jews,
Clash With LAPD

The first headline that KTLA chose to publish about the protests was absolutely gobsmacking. "Protestors allegedly block synagogue's entrance in L.A." Seriously? The legacy media outlets barely gave this pogrom the time of day or the outrage that was given to the campus protests. 

It's Time for the DOJ to Prosecute Pro-Hamas Agitators as Domestic Violent Extremists

Social media accounts by journalists who were on the ground, like Cam Higby and Daniel Greenfield, represent the necessary documentation of this atrocity, as well as the determination of the Jewish neighborhood to rightly fight back. Everyone else in the media is now just catching up. Because these Pro-Hamas cretins were clearly the aggressors and the Jewish synagogue members defended themselves, the legacy press has no narrative to milk that advantages their pro-Palestine allegiance. Jewish volunteer security Magen Am was there in force and helped to allay some of the violence.


And the LAPD? According to Journalist Greenfield, after lingering for an hour (like they did at UCLA) and then blocking access so that the synagogue members could not safely get into the building, the LAPD finally pushed back on the pro-Hamas protestors, using pepper spray to subdue some.

Their line was broken, and the pro-Hamas thugs dispersed into the neighborhood, and some fled in their cars. Those who were left behind by their comrades got the beat down they deserved and then suddenly decided that the police were necessary after receiving a taste of what they were trying to dish out.



A demonstration organised against an Israeli real estate fair held at the Adas Torah shul devolved into chaos on Sunday with dozens of individuals punching each other in the street.

Footage of the incident shows keffiyeh-clad demonstrators shoving men wearing yarmulkes and one man with blood streaming down his face. 

Flags of the messianic wing of Chabad can be seen flying in the background.

Then there was this charming pair who travel with their toddler to protest for Palestine. It's sick. 

In another clip, a woman can be seen leaning out of the sunroof of a car and making making gun hand gestures and lifting her middle fingers at pro-Israel demonstrators.

A group of police officers then approach her SUV with their guns raised, before she and a masked man exit the vehicle and surrender.

After taking them away, officers then remove a child from the car.


Next to those journalists on the ground, the fullest coverage of what happened on Sunday has come from publications outside of the U.S., like The Jerusalem Post.

Activist and politician Sam Yerbi said that violent anti-Israel activists dispersed into Jewish neighborhoods "hunting Jews and causing more destruction and vandalism." 

[Daniel] Greenfield had also said that anti-Israel activists had been roaming Pico-Robertson threatening people. Yerbi published a video on Instagram of a man in a Keffiyeh threatening residents with two bludgeons he retrieved from his car.  In another video he shared, community members intervened in anti-Israel vandalism of a kosher restaurant.

Greenfield, Yerbi, and political consultant Noah Pollak, who had also been present, harshly criticized  the LAPD and Bass for their failure to prepare for and address the riot.


Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass did exactly what cowardly former Mayor Eric Garcetti did in 2020 with the BLM riots. Buckled and asked the LAPD to stand down in the face of clearly provoked violence.

It took Bass many hours after the violence to even bother to issue a statement, in the wee small hours of the morning...  on X.

Today’s violence in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood today was abhorrent, and blocking access to a place of worship is unacceptable. I’ve called on LAPD to provide additional patrols in the Pico-Robertson community as well as outside of houses of worship throughout the city. I’ll be meeting with Chief Choi tomorrow to further discuss the safety of Angelenos. I want to be clear that Los Angeles will not be a harbor for antisemitism and violence. Those responsible for either will be found and held accountable. I will be joining Councilwoman Katy Yaroslavsky, the Chief Executive Officer of the Jewish Federation Los Angeles Rabbi Noah Farkas and other law enforcement and faith leaders in a community meeting this week as we talk about steps forward, together. 

Journalist Cam Higby, who was attacked while covering the protests, blasted Governor Gavin Newsom for his faux outrage. Higby pointed out that these same people spearheading this violence had been arrested at the UCLA Pro-Hamas protests weeks back.


Political consultant Noah Pollak called the lack of action on the part of Bass and the LAPD an "absolute disgrace." 

I was there today for an event at the shul. @LAPDHQ let the Hamas supporters take over the sidewalk in front of the shul and block its entrance. In fact, LAPD had formed a cordon around the front of the shul to keep Jews out and Hamas supporters in. I tried to enter with my kids through the front door and was turned away not by Hamas supporters but by the LAPD. Anyone who wanted to attend had to use a secret back entrance. @KarenBassLA and @LAPDHQ are an absolute disgrace -- it's clear the police have been instructed to help the Democratic Party street animals do their thuggery. They were definitely not there to protect the right of Jews to enter their shul.

Bass is reportedly meeting on Monday with Jewish and other faith leaders, as well as city officials, concerning Sunday's events. This post-crisis social is akin to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. With the heightened awareness that no one is coming to save them, the Jewish people of Los Angeles and elsewhere will increasingly take action into their own hands to protect their lives and their synagogues. If one thinks Sunday's violence was disturbing, you have not seen the half of it.




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