Chaotic Scene Outside L.A. Synagogue As Pro-Hamas Assailants Attack Jews, Clash With LAPD

AP Photo/Ethan Swope

Pro-Hamas protesters were at it again Sunday, and in today’s episode, they demonstrated outside the Adas Torah synagogue in Los Angeles to harass worshippers and engage with pro-Israel supporters. Scuffles broke out, and the LAPD had to intervene in the “mostly peaceful” protest.


Videos show an egg being thrown in a woman’s face, lots of pushing and shoving, punches being thrown, and a substance—presumably pepper spray—being sprayed into the crowd.

There are multiple videos on social media depicting the mayhem:

Visibily Jewish men, wearing kippas, are seen attempting to pull away the pro-Palestian protestor surrounding an ultra-orthodox man.

Another man holding a Palestinian flag can be seen physically fighting with a visibly Jewish man at the end of the video. A woman in the background yells repeatedly, "Stop."

Additional X posts on the Today is America account show further violence of the protesters, including a post claiming that one of their journalists on the scene was sprayed directly in the eyes with bear spray.

Following the incident, people at the scene wearing Israeli flags can be seen in the footage providing him with assistance and water after the attack that hindered his vision. 

Further footage showed police on the scene clashing with pro-Palestinian protestors as they yelled out "Free Palestine."


The LAPD finally showed up to call it an unlawful assembly and to shut things down.

Journalist Cam Higby was pepper-sprayed at point-blank range as he tried to videotape the events. 

We’ve seen these protests again and again, and despite what the media will tell you, they often turn violent. We’ve also seen—again and again—that there seem to be no consequences for the rioters; they rarely are held to account by law enforcement.

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The message comes from the top that violent protests are to be encouraged. Just look at who Joe Biden just promoted:


Cherry posted to social media Sunday to try to clean up his record. "Past social media posts from when I was younger do not reflect my current views. Period," he wrote. I support this Administration's agenda - and will continue my communications work focused on our climate and environmental policies." Sure, we believe you.

When you hire people like this for your administration, you’re sending a loud and clear message to protesters: Keep on doing what you’re doing. They have heard that message, and so the ugly antisemitic protests will likely continue unabated, and no matter how much violence and destruction they unleash, nobody will likely be punished.



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