Fenix Ammunition Dances on Dianne Feinstein's Grave by Offering Free Bullets to CA Residents

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Senator Dianne Feinstein's death is evoking many reactions, most of them positive and glowing tributes. But, you know someone always has to go there, and Fenix Ammunition decided that they would be the one. 


Fenix Ammunition is a Michigan-based ammunition store and online site that sells precision ammunition in bulk, often at discount prices. Fenix posted on X that in "honor" of the death of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, they would ship free bullets to California residents. 

The bag even had an imprint of Sen. Feinstein's face.

Fenix's comment on their post read:

To celebrate the death of @SenFeinstein, we're offering free shipping on ammunition to California customers today through October 31st. Simply select "Good Riddance, Dianne" at checkout! Evil authoritarians should be mocked in death the same as they are in life. No quarter.

This guerilla marketing is not unusual for this company, as the X post above notes. In early September, Fenix did a sale to New Mexico residents featuring ammunition bags with an imprint of New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham's face on the front after Lujan Grisham announced she was suspending parts of the Second Amendment in Albuquerque. Fenix Ammunition gives zero you-know-whats, and takes no prisoners. On brand for a precision ammunition manufacturer.


Some commenters applauded this move, while others saw it as beyond the pale. Fenix appeared to remain unapologetic.

While the timing may be a bit hinky, Fenix is not wrong in calling out the hypocrisy and dichotomy embodied in Feinstein's long political career, especially when it came to the Second Amendment and gun rights. When Feinstein was on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in the mid-70s, she was a staunch 2A supporter, even posing with rifles and bragging about her skill at handling firearms. In 1978, after the assassination of Supervisor Harvey Milk and San Francisco Mayor George Moscone, she changed course. 

Feinstein said the horror of that experience never left her, and she went on to author the federal ban on military-style assault weapons that lasted from 1994 until its 2004 expiration.

"This is a gun-happy nation, and everybody can have their gun," Feinstein said after a May 2021 mass shooting in her home state as she lamented years of congressional failure to pass new gun control laws to guard against "the killing of innocents."

Feinstein led a renewed effort for tougher gun laws, including a fresh ban on assault-style weapons after the 2012 massacre of 20 children and six adults at a Connecticut elementary school. The legislation encountered furious opposition from Republicans and gun rights advocates, and failed in the Senate.


While championing the assault weapons ban in 1994, Feinstein sparred with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), draping herself in the experience of seeing Milk and Moscone assassinated, and pontificating over "weapons of war."

Because of criminals and bad actors, Feinstein chose to target law-abiding citizens' right to own guns, and she remained in that camp for the entirety of her career. Feinstein was nonplussed about it, even relating a story about her need to arm herself to basically say, "I feel your pain, but you still don't need your guns."


In case you think Fenix Ammunition is in the minority, you would be wrong. The damage Feinstein attempted to do to the Second Amendment is well-known, documented, and remembered.


There's a thread trending on X encouraging fellow travelers to post guns to commemorate the failure of Feinstein's gun control tyranny.

Fenix Ammunition is not alone in its sentiment about Dianne Feinstein, they're just unafraid to go public.



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