EXCLUSIVE: Former DHS Div. Director Cameron Hamilton Talks His VA-07 Candidacy and the Border Crisis

Credit: Cameron Hamilton's campaign website, used with permission.

Cameron Hamilton was a division director of Homeland Security under the Trump administration, so he has seen the Southern Border firsthand, and all that goes on to undermine law and order and overwhelm our sovereignty. Hamilton affirms that the "Remain in Mexico" policy was a sound method of controlling an influx of illegal immigrants coming across, but that the Biden administration rescinding this policy is essentially opening the floodgates for the overwhelming invasion that Border Patrol is now experiencing.


Alabama Rep. Dale Strong affirms what Hamilton has to say, as he has also been on the border and seen the changes firsthand,

Whether you like him or not, President Trump’s border policies worked. He put America first by championing “Remain in Mexico,” building the border wall, and sending illegal aliens back to their country of origin.

For all the things Joe Biden blames on President Trump, he should blame President Trump for leaving him with the most secure border in modern American history. All he had to do was keep Trump’s policies in place. Instead, they choose to allow hospitals, schools, and public services to be inundated by foreign nationals who have no right to be here. This is a slap in the face to every law-abiding, taxpaying U.S. citizen.

It has gotten so bad that in July, the House had to pass a bill called the Schools Not Shelters Act. This bill prohibits sanctuary cities and states from sheltering illegal immigrants in school gymnasiums and lunchrooms. We should fix the border, not stop our children from going to P.E.

Under Biden and Mayorkas, every state in the nation has become a border state. According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, more than 91,000 illegal aliens reside in Alabama. This doesn’t include the 31,000 children born of illegal alien parents in our state.


Hamilton is not just providing expert punditry; he is looking to change the situation by running for Congress in Virginia's District 07. The seat is just on the outskirts of Washington, D.C., and currently being held by Abigail Spanberger (D-VA), who has had a tough go in her re-elections in 2020 and 2022. Hamilton sat down with RedState to discuss not only the crisis on the Southern Border and what role Congress holds in mitigating it, but his candidacy and what Virginia 07 and many Americans wish to see from D.C. and its leadership.


As the Border Patrol Union posted on X (above), what is Biden doing to the country by allowing this overrun? And how many millions more will he allow before taking any real action? Or will he even be able to? Fox News Special Correspondent Bill Melugin posted on X about the state of play within the last 24 hours.


Hamilton addressed this untenable issue and why the condemnation lodged toward red state governors like TX Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis of Florida is uncalled for.

The problem is, how do you do that when you have thousands every single day along the Southern Border? You're literally adding entire towns in 20 townships in 24 hours. There is no infrastructure, there is no state or municipality there that is prepared to deal with that influx of people. With services with waste management, with water, with grocery shopping, with food, with all the things that come towards a migrant community. So, in my opinion. It's easy to put the blame on, "Well, the Southern Border states should just deal with this problem that's on their back door."

Hamilton also took to task the talking heads that condemn the exportation of illegal immigrants from border towns into cities whose leaders claim are sanctuaries for "migrants." But as soon as they have to actually live and manage the human influx, these so-called leaders cave under the pressure.

"Or, why do we have to have people in Colorado or in Connecticut or in Illinois, or even in Washington State have to receive migrants to experience these same challenges? Isn't that just pushing the problem across the entire United States?" And the answer is when states are being overwhelmed with the healthcare infrastructure, losing tens of millions of dollars a year because of unpaid services that they're rendering for people in need, they're required by law to provide care if it's an emergency situation and they do, but these are individuals who don't pay cash for healthcare services, that don't have health insurance, [and] that are sometimes given temporary health insurance paid for by the taxpayer.

With all of these things being experienced on the Southern Border, I have complete sympathy with why Southern Border states have said, Enough. We can't manage this problem on our own. We have to push some of these numbers elsewhere to take off the burden of what we're taking, because the influx has not changed.


As a Congressional candidate, I asked Hamilton what actions he would be taking as part of that legislative body.


Along with controlling the purse strings, cutting the waste, and getting back to shoring up the defenses on our southern border, Hamilton also condemned the NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and religious organizations that encourage the continued invasion by giving illegal immigrants and others a financial incentive to do so. These are state taxpayer dollars being used to encourage the destruction of our homeland.

We've created a financial incentive for people to do this .We've supported and propped up industries that benefit off this. So, look, we have to have a crisis of conscience here. The long term ramifications of this are we have no national sovereignty anymore. We've now declared that people can come here, receive benefits and resources, at the American taxpayer dollars. We've got now inner city families that are looking at the American government spending so much money to mitigate this problem, feeling completely left out. And I don't blame them for feeling that way at all. 

You've got, you know, localities that would love to invest that kind of dollar and resources in their educational system, in their transportation, and things that might actually improve their daily lives; bring down the cost of living. And yet we spend hundreds of thousands, in fact billions of dollars on this industry, on this infrastructure that's not actually serving the benefit of the American people. So, look, we're one of the most benevolent and amazing nations in the world, and I argue that we are the most benevolent and philanthropic nation in the world. I firmly believe that, I've traveled to 36 different countries. I've seen a variety of different culture you can imagine, and it is still true. I firmly believe that. Having said that, there is a point where I think the American people need to wake up and realize just how catastrophic this problem really is right now. 


Rumor has it that Rep. Abigail Spanberger will not run for re-election to Congress, but will be taking a run for governor. But a solid candidate like Cameron Hamilton would do well whether Spanberger chooses to run or not. Hamilton discussed what he brings to the table as a candidate and why he feels that his small-town American values are what the American people want, and what Washington, D.C. needs.


The current climate of economic woes and the Biden administration's disconnect on how to address it, along with Hamilton's voice and experience on the Southern Border make him a formidable opponent to whoever runs on the Democrat ticket. However, Hamilton needs the help of the Virginia electorate and the American people to make it past the June 18, 2024 primary and into the November general election. 



I will tell you overwhelmingly from people in churches, from people in every demographic, every walk of life. Every political orientation you can imagine, we've had overwhelmingly positive feedback. People believe, you know, it's time for something different. It's time for us to stop having self-serving individuals working in government. The only way government will improve and get better is if we put people with better character to serve in government, and so, that's what they're requesting. That's what they're wanting, and that's what we're hoping to give.



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