NH Governor Chris Sununu Beats His Never Trump Drum, but Encourages 'Trust the Process' on Biden Crimes

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Since New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu is not running for re-election, he has felt free to go on legacy media like NBC, CNN, and other yawn fests that pose as political zeitgeist in order to babble on about what leadership should look like and to bash Republicans who don’t meet that standard, particularly if their name is Donald J. Trump. On Sunday, Sununu went on ABC News This Week with Jonathan Karl to discuss the Jack Smith indictments against the former president and the allegations of the Biden crime family corruption.


Karl asked Sununu, “How is it that so few Republicans are expressing concerns about this?”

The governor’s response,

Well, it’s kind of the – the boy who cried wolf, right? I mean we – we’ve seen the indictments one, two, three times. We expect more to come. The average voter right now just considers them all to be politically driven. And – and whether that was the intention of the Department of Justice or not, they’re – they’re allowing Donald Trump to play this victim card very, very well.

While Sam Bankman-Fried is skating charges and intimidating his witness ex-girlfriend, the DOJ is retaliating against whistleblowers and trying to jail witnesses like Devon Archer. It’s kind of hard for anyone – not just Trump supporters – not to see a double standard occurring here. Whether we like Trump or not, denying that he is indeed a victim is just obtuse.

Sununu continued in this vein, then looped into his clarion cry that Trump will not be the nominee, and if he is, Republicans will lose.

But, ultimately, it – it doesn’t – it doesn’t pan out. Six months from now it’s going to be a very different story. I think the realities that Donald Trump cannot actually win the votes in November of ’24 – he can get the nomination, but he can’t actually close the deal against Biden. So, if you’re going to support Trump, you’re going to hand it to the Biden and Kamala Harris administration. That is not a good thing. And that’s why I think a lot of these other candidates are going to have an opportunity to surge.


Sununu loves to hedge his bets. From one side of his mouth, he disparages Trump and says he will never be the Republican nominee; on the other side, he says that if Trump does become the Republican nominee, that he will support him.

We all know that if Trump or any Republican actually wins the nomination and then the presidency, Sununu will quickly become irrelevant. A consummate globalist insider (his father was NH Governor and HW Bush Chief of Staff John Sununu), all he is suited for is bashing his party, dining out on the GOP-E card, and beating his Never Trump drum. Sununu has not had anything new to say, and refuses to give the former President any credit for anything, including clear accomplishments from his first term. On another appearance Sununu made on Fox News’ Faulker Focus, Sununu had positive commentary for every Republican candidate except Trump.



The question is, how long can he do this bread and circuses act? We already have the GOP-E perspective from candidate, former New Jersey governor, and former Trump sycophant Chris Christie. What does Sununu bring to the table, except he looks trimmer in his Brooks Brothers suit?


ABC’s Karl asked Sununu how he expects the other Republican candidates to move ahead since Trump is dominating most every poll by wide margins. “What’s it going to take to change that dynamic?”

So, a couple things. He is the sitting – he is an incumbent president. So, anyone who thinks that he wouldn’t be at the top, of course he was going to be at the top. He’s got the name ID, the recognition, all of that. Against, the fact of – the majority of Republicans clearly don’t want him. That’s an opportunity. And then it’s about galvanizing. That’s what it takes. These candidates have got to find out who’s the best of the others, so to say, but they’re all quality candidates, they all bring something a little different to the table. I think you’ll see three or four of the 12 or 13 that don’t even make the first debate. Maybe five. I think you’ll see three or four stuck in low single digits in late October, November. And there will be a lot of pressure for them to drop.

Half of them should be gone before then. Looking at y’all, Christie, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, and former VP Mike Pence.

I think you’ll see four, five, maybe six come into Iowa. Three or four or five maybe come into New Hampshire. And then everything kind of falls from there and you’re down to a one-on-one race. And that’s the Iowa/New Hampshire opportunity to really filter things out. We – this is where the conversations are, where we’re – voters are getting a lot of one-on-one contact. And I think that’s the opportunity for the Republican Party.


Sununu exhibited the skill of VP Kamala Harris to say a whole lot of nothing. Sununu could not give any strategy or game plan on how the dynamic could be changed because he knows that it probably will not. Karl asked the million-dollar question: If Trump does win the nomination will he support a third-party candidate?

No. Look – no. No. Look, I’m going to make sure Trump isn’t the candidate. I know No Labels is doing their thing. It’s an interesting – it’s an interesting opportunity given 70 percent of America, not just Republicans, but America doesn’t want Trump or Biden, right? They don’t want either of them on – on the ballot. So there’s an amazing – you call them politically homeless, right? They don’t have a political home, anyone to go to, and that’s the void that I think this No Labels thing would be trying to fill.

So, we’ll see where the candidates are at and all that.

More word salad and not even any vinaigrette to wash it down.

Karl gave up and pivoted to the potential of a Biden impeachment by the House Republicans.

KARL: “Before you go, I’ve got to ask you, Kevin McCarthy is raising the possibility of an impeachment inquiry into President Biden. What do you think, is that what Republicans in Congress should be dedicating their efforts right now to trying to impeach Biden?”

Sununu has more grace for Biden than he does for Trump.


No. No, look, I – I think that the accusations against Biden, Hunter, and President Biden are very real. They have to play out in court. We have to find out what all the evidence is. We – nobody even knows any of that, right? So, if they’re found guilty of something, that – that opens up a whole different story because we’re talking potential bribery. That’s an incredibly serious accusation. And so, therefore, if found guilty, yes, I think Congress should definitely take something up.

But I think they’re really, really far from really figuring out what the realities there are. But those are very serious accusations that have to be followed up for sure.

After Archer’s confirmation that there are over 20 instances of phone calls that involved then-VP Biden in his son Hunter’s mess, one wonders how much more evidence Sununu needs to condemn them. A real journalist would have followed up with this, but instead, Karl allowed Sununu to pivot to the blather that Americans have greater concerns, dismissing the Biden corruption charges as a nothingburger.

But, look, America has got amazing problems around mental health, around the opioid crisis, fighting to secure the border, having somebody in Washington, D.C., have some fiscal sanity because even Republicans don’t do a very good job of that lately. You know, really – things that really impact everyday lives of Americas. And I – I’d rather have the focus on those issues. And if the guilty verdict comes out of the Bidens and comes to bear, they can take it up at that – at the appropriate time.


Look up “tone deaf” in the dictionary, and I bet you’ll find a picture of Chris Sununu next to it.



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