Boris Johnson Still Under Fire, Steps Down as Lawmaker

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As former President Donald J. Trump rides out yet another indictment over his handling of classified documents, his former U.K. counterpart  is dealing with troubles of his own. Former British Prime Minister and current Parliament Member Boris Johnson has once again chosen to resign his post amid controversy and pressure.


From the Associated Press:

Former U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson shocked Britain on Friday by quitting as a lawmaker after being told he will be sanctioned for misleading Parliament. He departed with a ferocious tirade at his political opponents — and at his successor, Rishi Sunak — that could blast open tensions within the governing Conservative Party.

Johnson resigned after receiving the results of an investigation by lawmakers into misleading statements he made to Parliament about “partygate,” a series of rule-breaking government parties during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a lengthy resignation statement, Johnson accused opponents of trying to drive him out — and hinted that his rollercoaster political career might not be over yet.

“It is very sad to be leaving Parliament — at least for now,” he said.

This is Johnson’s second resignation in the space of a year. In July of 2022, after much speculation, his fellow party members’ resignations, and his protestations to the contrary, Johnson resigned as Prime Minister.

His departure from political life comes less than four years after he won an 80-seat political majority and nine months after he stood down as prime minister after a police fine for breaking his own Covid rules.

In his statement, Johnson hit out at political enemies for targeting him after he was shown the privileges committee findings against him earlier this week.


According to reports, pressure applied on Johnson through the committee investigation precipitated his decision.

Johnson, 58, said he had “received a letter from the Privileges Committee making it clear — much to my amazement — that they are determined to use the proceedings against me to drive me out of Parliament.”

He called the committee investigating him — which has members from both government and opposition parties — a “kangaroo court.”

“Their purpose from the beginning has been to find me guilty, regardless of the facts,” Johnson said.

The resignation will trigger a special election to replace Johnson as a lawmaker for a suburban London seat in the House of Commons.

Though Johnson is insistent that he will return to a role in the political life of Britain, other political analysts have expressed their doubts. Polling expert Professor Sir John Curtice told the BBC that Johnson’s name was synonymous with the word “lie.” Others remember his role in flouting COVID rules while others were isolated, sick, and dying.


Alastair Campbell, “If Boris Johnson was confident in his case, which he claims that he is, he could have gone to parliament and fought his case there. Instead, he’s throwing his toys out of the pram. He’s a liar, a charlatan, he’ utterly unfit for public office.”

Other political figures have expressed sadness at Johnson’s departure and the manner in which it came about.

Boris Johnson has served our country and his constituency with distinction. He led world in supporting Ukraine, got Brexit done, and was our most electorally successful Prime Minister since Margaret Thatcher. Boris is a political titan whose legacy will stand the test of time.


While The Conservative Post sees this as an opportunity for Johnson to finally be unleashed to continue his work at another time.

History will tell the tale.


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