Dan Bongino Lights up the Legacy Media on Twitter Revelations Confirming Their Collusion With Government and Big Tech

Dan Bongino appeared on Fox News’ Hannity on Thursday regarding the revelations from independent journalist Bari Weiss’ drop of Elon Musk’s Twitter Files. He was indeed unfiltered, and spitting fire, speaking powerfully about the recent dump of information which confirmed Twitter specifically targeted him and others with shadow bans on accounts, as well as the other social media platforms that have had him under attack.


Unfiltered is Bongino’s weekend program on Fox News, but in his commentary, Bongino not only dropped all filters, he dropped some salty language alongside his truth bombs. Bongino started his monologue with, “This is some Soviet-style bullshit right here!”

I stream Fox News, so I have no idea whether the cable and network airing of the show bleeped this out. Let’s hope not, because it only undergirded and strengthened the power and truth of what Bongino had to say.

Bongino moved into the efforts by Big Tech to thwart his conservative platform and its reach, rattling off the areas where he has been directly targeted by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube:

  • Spygate
  • Impeachment Hoax
  • Cloth masks and the COVID nonsense.

Bongino’s voice was both pained and impassioned as he explained,

“Now, let me give you the even bigger picture: I’ve become Public Enemy #1. Not for a crime, Sean. I’ve committed no crimes. A matter of fact, I’ve investigated crimes and served this country doing so both with the NYPD and the Secret Service.

“But these D-Bags over at Twitter and elsewhere, who’ve made me Public Enemy #1. This is just the beginning. You don’t even know what’s happened to me because I don’t whine about it all day like some whiny leftist snowflakes.”


The full video is on Fox Nation here, and Bongino’s anger is palpable. All of us here at RedState know the antagonism inherent in being tracked by so-called “fact-checkers” and capriciously flagged for misinformation. On an expose series that I did for a different outlet before joining RedState, I watched in real-time as Big Tech, state government, and the legacy media first ran interference, then buried the story. Having had other articles blunted or flat-out embargoed because they hit too many nerves and would offend (or uncover) all the right people, I can relate to some of Bongino’s indignation.

Bongino went into greater detail on Big Tech’s behind-the-scenes stalking and suppression.

“My website’s been banned by Google ads for no describable reason whatsoever. I was banned by YouTube for suggesting that cloth masks don’t work, which is now scientific fact. And now I find out I’m on a not-safe-for-work shadow ban list on Twitter because I’ve committed the thought crime of being a conservative. Please, audience, look me in the face and tell me now.”


When Bongino moved around to the legacy media, this fueled his fire into an even bigger blaze.

“All you media clowns, and goons, and nuts, who told me I was the crazy conspiracy theorist: tell me we live in a free country? Where three of the largest social media platforms, that are the new public space we can all talk in. When an opinion guy like me cannot speak on these platforms, or is restricted from doing so, or banned in the case of YouTube, shadow banned in the case of Twitter. Tell me again how we live in a free country?!”

Indeed, probably the most disheartening part of being a journalist is to see a profession and certain people that you once greatly respected, simply cease doing what they are committed to do, and instead become public relations arms and flat-out propagandists for whoever allows them to partake in their power structure. Even more disgusting, is how they have turned on their own when they have strayed from orthodoxy, and their wholesale campaigns to malign, take down, and destroy any media that doesn’t fit into their particular box.

“You’re the Fourth Estate! You’re supposed to protect this stuff. You guys have a constitutional carveout, the freedom of the press, it’s literally written in the constitution. And what do you do? You ignore this story the entire time. It’s the biggest story of our time, the mass shadow banning of conservatives going on in this country by this Big Tech consortium right now.”


Bongino praised Twitter CEO Elon Musk for unmasking all this, giving him a “heartfelt thank you” for leading the charge to bring transparency to the deeds done in secret.

“With Elon Musk. Regardless of what happens—He legitimately may lose billions of dollars on this acquisition. I don’t think he will, I think he’s a creative guy, and I think he’s going to build this thing out to be something special.

“But he has done a service to this country. He has literally—not figuratively—changed the history of, I think, how Big Tech is gonna operate moving forward.”

Ma tha Siobhan*.

Bongino made the connection to the bigger elephant in the room. The glaringly obvious matter that the power elites, the political class on both sides of the aisle, and even average Americans, simply want to sweep under the rug: The 2020 Election, and Big Tech’s role in weighting it in Biden’s favor.

“He’s exposed one key point. I want the audience to understand this: that what the press did to collude and interfere and to potentially fleece the 2020 election away from Donald Trump, based on solid data. The polling taken afterwards about how people would have voted if they would have known about the Hunter Biden story.”

Polling data and the Senate committee investigation into Hunter Biden‘s dealings keep confirming these facts.


“We’re not getting into any other stuff—I’m talking strictly about that. The media intentionally did that, Sean. This is my point. This wasn’t misfeasance, right? Misfeasance is different: you see someone trip on the sidewalk in front of you and you don’t help him up? That’s not what this was. This was malfeasance. A guy trips on the sidewalk in front of you, and you kick him in the teeth as he’s getting up!”

Bongino concludes by driving home that the trifecta of Big Tech, government, and law enforcement created this toxic stew that served to poison our national discourse, and erode our republic.

“They did this on purpose. This was active collusion between the FBI, people in the DHS, the DNI, people at the FEC who had heard about this stuff, Twitter, and Big Tech to steal away your country. And you know what, listen to me folks: They did it! And Elon Musk is trying to help you get it back.”

Bongino then pleads, in his own inimitable way, for the incoming Republican House Majority to act on this information.

“To the Republicans in Congress who now are about to take over in January: You better grow some moose nuts, and you better do something about this, or we’re not going to have a damn country left. This IS the public square.

“We cannot win an election in the future with just Fox News. You need Twitter to be open. You need Facebook to be open. You need these other platforms.

“You have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. It’s relentless, it’s never stops. They have put a target on my back for a long time.”

*I am Irish by marriage, so some Celtic phrases resonate with me. Ma tha Siobhan loosely translates to, “If God is Merciful.”



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