California Rep. Mike Garcia Can Stroll to Re-Election as Christy Smith Floats Down That River in Egypt

Mike Garcia for Congress

Congressman Mike Garcia (R-CA) is campaigning among the people he represents in the now redistricted California 27th District (formerly California 25th). His main focus has been attempting to mitigate the harms caused by high gas prices and inflation. For the past few weeks, he has been concentrating on summer food drives in the district.


Garcia is also bringing it to his opponent, former California Assemblywoman and perpetual candidate Christy Smith. This is their third go-around for this congressional seat after the train wreck of a disgrace Katie Hill resigned. Smith lost the special election in 2020 to fill Hill’s seat to then-candidate Garcia by a 55 percent margin. It was a tighter race in the 2020 general election, where she lost to Congressman Garcia by 333 votes.

But any way you slice it, despite the entire Democrat Party apparatus behind her, Smith simply cannot seem to seal the deal.

Will she this time around? If she keeps putting her foot in her mouth, maybe not.

Case in point:

“And our president has done such a phenomenal job, and this is another thing we cannot cede—we cannot cede to the GOP that we are in a world of hurt right now.”


Now, pro-Smith constituents are calling Garcia out for not posting the full video. Strange, because it still does not place her in a reality-based light. After the clip above ends, Smith continued her speech with this kicker:

“Best job report in the history of the United States! <applause>. Wages have gone up 5 percent. Yes, we still have the challenge of inflation and our gas prices, but this president, this administration, and our House are working on these issues every single day.”

How exactly is our president working on it? Last word is that he was flying off to beg Saudi Arabia to pump more oil. That, along with selling off our strategic reserves to foreign nations.

His administration appears to be obsessed with destroying our food supply and forcing our military to live on Beyond Meat.

And the House? Along with the Joke-6 Commission nonsense, they are trying to ignore the Supreme Court decisions on Roe and Bruen by sticking their federal noses into what is now the purview of the states and creating more constitutional violations with red flag laws.

A new California gas tax has upped our prices to six dollars a gallon. Inflation is making that price, and the price of everything else, worse. No matter which side of the aisle you are on, the Democrats own this. Yet, according to Smith, they can’t admit it. They cannot “cede” ground to the GOP. This president, this administration, this House are doing a “phenomenal job.”

Denial, much? Is this her winning strategy?


Garcia wrote for the Santa Clarita Valley Signal:

As a member of Congress, I get the chance to hear directly from 27th Congressional District voters on a daily basis.

As opposed to Smith, who pretty much only hears from her progressive echo chamber of clapping seals.

What I hear, more than anything, is one thing: Far-left progressive policies are failing Californians. Our people are hurting.

These are problems that transcend partisan politics. Gas is over $5 a gallon nationally – even worse in California at over $6. Food prices are through the roof, if you can even find groceries stocked at your local supermarket.

Expect this to get worse now that California truckers are forced to comply with AB5.

Businesses are being crushed with high taxes, burdensome regulations and policies that discourage people from entering the workforce. Families and young people working on thin margins are getting crushed with the consequences of inflation. And people all over California feel less safe due to rising crime at home, politicians demeaning our police, and Washington’s weak national security policies abroad.

Those failures and hardships touch Republicans and Democrats alike. They’re a direct result of a far-left progressive system, adopted by the Joe Biden administration in Washington, D.C., and liberal politicians in our state, that puts ideology over problem solving.


Like the good progressive she is, Smith continues to toe the party dogma and her pet causes, rather than pay attention to what is happening on the ground in the new district. The mostly white Simi Valley area is no longer part of District 27. The heavily Hispanic Saugus and Palmdale-Lancaster areas are. Polling is showing that Hispanics are rejecting Democrats and their goals bigly. And on Monday, FLOTUS Lady McBiden only served to further offend.

In other words, Smith appears to be working hard on being a three-time loser.

California Globe does a fabulous overview of Smith v. Garcia and the pivotal battle over the 27th Congressional District. Every poll so far is predicting the race will be a toss-up, but they have underestimated Garcia before. I say that it will be Garcia’s race to lose, especially if Christy Smith continues with her loyalty to the party line, gaslighting, and denial.

Smith will lose yet again, and probably by a wider margin than 2020.


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