George Gascón Is About to Be Recalled, But National Media Still Carries His Water

Paul Sakuma

The Recall of George Gascón is now national news. Frankly, this should have been the case when the organizers started this back in March of 2021. The fact that this Soros-funded district attorney embedded himself into law enforcement under the siren song of “reimagining” criminal justice, transformed decades-long policies that do work in order to combat those he claims do not, is a cautionary tale. Other Soros-funded candidates (see: Illinois, Foxx, Kim) are also imploding on the national stage; yet, the legacy media refuses to cover it fully, or connect the dots that this social justice reform agenda has only resulted in increasing crime, violence, and unrest in major cities, rather than achieving justice for anyone.


Friday evening, NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt did a segment on the issues with the Los Angeles County District Attorney and his policies that have pushed the citizens of Los Angeles County to want to recall him. The Recall George Gascón organizers announced on Thursday that they had reached the requisite number of signatures (unverified) for the recall to make the November 2022 ballot. The organizers are still collecting signatures, and are confident they will receive enough additional signatures to achieve the 566,857 verified signatures by the July 6 deadline. This is unprecedented that in a county of 5.6 million registered voters, that amount of signatures could be gathered so quickly. But, you didn’t hear that from Lester Holt.

Here is what you did hear, courtesy of MRCTV.


For over five minutes (5:26) Friday evening, NBC Nightly News anchor Lester “fairness is overrated” Holt personally led the network’s defense of radical progressive L.A. County District Attorney George Gascon, who’s facing a popular recall effort just two weeks after San Francisco liberals managed to get rid of theirs. And as part of this full-throated defense, Holt blamed local news reporting for stoking a false “public perception” of the crime situation in the city.

Notice Holt doesn’t give any push back to the fact that Gascón blames conservative areas and cities, and rogue prosecutors who want to keep things the way they are for his troubles. Holt gives cover by saying “criminal justice experts find it difficult to draw direct connections to Gascon’s policies” and the rise in crime, then blathers on about the “intense political pressure” Gascón is experiencing in executing his “reform agenda.”


Boo. effing. Hoo.

These law enforcement “experts” either don’t live in Southern California, or have paid little attention to what has been covered by local press. When you have over 30 cities casting votes of “no confidence” against your actions and policies, and recorded incidents of unchecked crime, then the problem may well be you and your policies.

But Holt felt no need to challenge Gascón on his excuses.

Another segment of the interview highlights how Holt discarded any pretense of an investigative dive and instead turned it into the George Gascón non-apology tour.

Holt asked:

“If you can’t get through to your own deputies, what does that say about your leadership?”

Gascón mumbled his response. What is it with progressive crazies and an inability to put two words together?

“It’s complicated, you have a very strong driving force that is very committed not only to try to remove me from office, but more importantly, is very committed to keeping the system the way that it was.”

In other words, if you oppose me, you really don’t want change.


It’s all your fault.

Truly disgusting. More disgusting is that Holt just rode with it. Journalistic malpractice at its finest.

NBC and Holt are simply copying from the “the homegrown team,” i.e., The Los Angeles Times, The Los Angeles Daily News, and the other McClatchy and big conglomerate-run news sources.

These so-called news organizations have consistently failed to not only accurately depict the damage Gascón’s directives have caused, but failed to report on the outrage of the victims which has led to this recall.

They used the same tactics with Recall Gavin Newsom: Ignore it. Then when community and alternative outlets give it oxygen, barely cover it, hoping it will go away. Then, when you now have to cover because it’s blowing up nationally, make excuses for the elected elitist who is being recalled, without addressing the concerns of the citizens who are recalling said elitist.

The beat goes on.

What a disservice to the citizens of Los Angeles County and the victims of crimes who have been disenfranchised and re-victimized thanks to Gascón’s policies. These victims are overwhelmingly women, and overwhelmingly people of color. This is usually the favorite victim groups of progressives nationwide, yet these are the groups that are being ignored and dismissed because of Gascón’s wet dream of criminal justice reimagined.

Most telling is that Holt failed to not only clearly show what has resulted from a year-and-a-half of Gascón’s policies, but he gives no oxygen to the efforts and stories from the Recall George Gascón movement.


But, as I said above, we have seen this before. If legacy media doesn’t present the information, then it really doesn’t exist.

Newsflash: Gascón is going down, and the illegitimate outlets that gave him rise, and continue to give him cover, need to go down as well.

From the Recall George Gascón website.



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