Republican Angela Underwood Jacobs Leads the Top Two for Lt. Governor of California

CSPAN Coverage of Angela Underwood Jacobs Police Reform Speech (Credit: CSPAN)

Another race that the legacy media, and most Californians, are passing over is for the Lieutenant Governor.

Most Californians cannot even name who the current Lieutenant Governor is. Her name is Eleni Kounalakis, and she is a real estate heiress from the Bay area. In other words, her family is part of the San Francisco Cabal/champagne elite that moves in and out of politics in order to achieve their outcomes—which usually are not the will of the people.


If We The People can get a public servant in that office who will do our bidding, the state could have a fighting chance at the turnaround it so desperately needs.

Despite the dismissiveness given to the Lt. Governor role by Governor Gavin Newsom himself and Newsom’s PR arm in the legacy media, if you look at the state guidelines, the Lt. Governor can wield a lot of juice if they so choose.

So, the fact that Republican candidate Angela Underwood Jacobs is cracking 20 percent in the California primary on Tuesday is something of note. In California’s jungle primaries, the top two vote-getters go on to the November ballot, and Underwood Jacobs so far has an impressive lead over her challengers.

This is yet another harbinger that change is on the water. A red wave is possible if we keep our focus.

Angela Jacobs Underwood is the sister of Dave Patrick Underwood. Underwood was an officer with the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Protective Service. In 2020, the George Floyd mobs were targeting state houses and courthouses for their violent uprisings. Underwood was tasked with guarding the Ronald V. Dellums Federal Building in Oakland when he was gunned down by Steven Carrillo, a former U.S. Air Force staff sergeant and alleged member of the “boogaloo” extremist movement. On June 3, Carrillo pled guilty and was sentenced to 41 years in prison.


Underwood Jacobs is suing Facebook META for the wrongful death of her brother. Carrillo and another man used Facebook to connect and plot the incident that set the stage for Officer Underwood’s murder.


At the news of Underwood’s murder, our ridiculous governor said, “No one should rush to conflate this heinous act with the protests.”

Now, his sister is running to be the No. 2 in the executive branch.

Underwood Jacobs testified before Congress in 2020 on the state of police reform and what she felt was needed to elicit change. If you want to scroll past the blathering of GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy, it’s about 2:37 in.



With San Francisco voting to Recall Chesa Boudin, and the defeat of a Soros-funded candidate in the Orange County District Attorneys’ race (more on that later), Underwood Jacobs’ moving under the radar to make the November ballot is a clear indication that Californians want a restoration of law and order, and want people elected to office who will speak to that and offer solutions, not theoretical concepts.

“Defund the Police” did not work, and all the criminal justice reform rhetoric has resulted in justice denied to the victims of crime, the destruction of cities with storied histories and places, rampant crime, and lawlessness.


As a Democrat friend who voted straight Republican in this primary said, “I want this entire administration overturned. I am over them.”

She’s not alone. November is coming.


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