DOJ Floats Brilliant Plan to Fund out-of-State Abortions for Fed Employees, and I Have Thoughts

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The people who run the Department of Justice’s Gender Equity Network (DOJ GEN) are triggered by the potential overturn of Roe v. Wade, and they are demanding something be done about it.


A group of Department of Justice (DOJ) employees is pushing for paid off time should they need to travel out of state abortions.

Men cannot get pregnant, no matter what this pro-abortion witness on the House panel wants to allege.

So, we can probably assume who comprises the bulk of this DOJ GEN board of directors: women. The signatories at the bottom of the letter sent by the DOJ GEN confirm that assumption.

So, this brain trust of science-free, gender exclusive women (your tax dollars at work) decided to write this, if for no other reason than they really need to justify their existence.

From The Hill:

The DOJ Gender Equity Network (DOJ GEN) sent a letter on Wednesday to government personnel and management agencies saying it is “deeply concerned about the ability of hundreds of thousands of federal employees and their families to access reproductive healthcare because of restrictive state laws that are already, or may soon be, in effect in their states.”

Deeply concerned. Virginia is a state with very liberal abortion laws already. In 2018, the former governor, Mammy McKlan Robes Ralph Northam, wanted to extend that liberalism to infanticide, to the majority of Virginia citizens’ horror. So, this faux concern has little to do with the DOJ employees in the Capitol and the surrounding areas, and more to do with virtue signaling and advocating against Texas’ and Mississippi’s existing abortion laws.


The letter says as much.

There are approximately 150,000 federal employees in Texas and Mississippi, where there is effectively no in-state abortion access today.

This is a bald-faced lie. Abortion services are still active in both states, and so is the online sale of the abortion pill. No doubt they are probably making less money (#winning), but they’re still around and available to help you murder your child.

But do go on.

There are another 227,000 federal employees in an additional 11 states with so-called “trigger laws” where people will immediately lose in-state access to abortion care if the Supreme Court overturns the constitutional protection currently afforded to abortion.

Another load of BS. If the choice is so clear, then make that choice before the trigger law goes into effect. Isn’t “planning” a part of the abortion merchant Planned Parenthood’s name? If it takes a woman more than four months to decide she wants to terminate her pregnancy, then there are bigger issues here than decision making.

But, I digress…

The Hill article continues:

The letter comes after a draft Supreme Court majority opinion was leaked showing the court is set to overturn Roe v. Wade. The draft was not a final ruling as the decision is expected this summer.

Many Democratic states have since accelerated efforts to expand abortion access, while Republican states are looking to restrict it should the landmark decision be overturned.

The idiot California governor is running campaign ads specifically on this message, and Gavin Newsom even invokes his opposition to Texas’ Heartbeat law as proof of his allegiance.



Newsom wants to ensure you that as long as he is California’s governor, you will always be able to kill your baby without excuses, without apology, and even up to, and after the moment of birth.

More on that later.


The bigger question in Hair Gel’s re-election strategy is: Do California women care more about feeding their children and having gas to take them to school than they do about their ability to kill them in the womb and after birth?

The November elections will tell the tale.

In the meantime, it is apparent that this DOJ GEN letter is confident that the overthrow of Roe is a done deal, so it’s insistent that government funding for employees to get paid time off to have an abortion in a less-restrictive state is just too urgent to ignore.

“As an initial step, we ask that the Administration swiftly consider requiring federal agencies to grant administrative leave to cover the time it takes an employee, or an employee’s family member, to travel to another state to obtain reproductive healthcare services not available in their own state due to restrictive laws.”

And of course, we can’t forget those hardest hit by Roe‘s overthrow: the Black Poors, and all those generic People of Color out there.

This is a critical matter of gender equity and equality for the Department of Justice and for the federal government. We are also troubled by the disproportionate impact these restrictive on reproductive healthcare would have on employees of color, those who work in remote locations, and those from marginalized communities.


We are also troubled. Yeah, they are, but not in the way they think. Do only the white employees get paid by the federal government? Do these colorful employees not have medical insurance or savings? If someone works in a remote location, it kind of indicates they are mobile and can take their work anywhere. So, have them take their laptop and cell phone, get the abortion in that less restrictive state, then get back to work once the procedure is done. They let you bring laptops into hospital rooms, and you can get lots of work done while lying in bed.

As I mentioned above, the first word in the abortion merchant Planned Parenthood’s name is PLANNED. If they are really interested in helping women get abortions, why not do some “planned” outreach into those “marginalized communities” and remote areas?

No additional taxpayer money needed.

You’re welcome—my invoice is in the mail.

Should Governor Hair Gel get his way, California will become a sanctuary state for abortion, helping to cover the cost of not only the abortion procedure and transportation, but lodging, child care, food and lost wages for women who want to come into the state and kill their baby.

The California Legislature has even put forth a bill: AB 2223 which most across the state are calling the “Infanticide Bill,” because it legalizes self-abortions at any stage of pregnancy and essentially legalizes infanticide. The bill passed the appropriations committee (the people who approve the allocation of the money for this), and a final decision on the bill is scheduled to be announced on Thursday, May 19.


Pressure by California citizens has been successful in killing many of the corrupt and evil bills that have been put forth by the Legislature. Let’s hope it will be the same in this case. This bill is truly sick.

But, the DOJ GEN has an ally in its corner, and Hair Gel will give full-throated support to their stated goals. I’m surprised His Hairfulness hasn’t received an endorsement from them yet.

We live in an era of entitlement, and this DOJ GEN “push” to make you pay even more for abortion’s excesses exemplifies the degree to which abortion on demand has become an assumed right, rather than an unmitigated horror. There is no bigger entitlement than wanting the government to not only justify killing your baby, but to keep you in ease and comfort while doing so.



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