IN MY ORBIT: Nina Jankowicz Goes, 'Bye Bye!' as DHS Puts the Disinformation Board on Pause

Kelley McCall

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has decided to put the Disinformation Governance Board on pause, making official what was already evident in reality. The entire concept of government trying to control what Americans should be reading on the internet was a non-starter, particularly after the announcement of the person who would be heading this entire enterprise.

As I documented in a VIP last month, Nina Jankowicz burst onto social media announcing her new position as Director of Disinformation with crazy eyes and a tortured tune from Mary Poppins. Jankowicz’ background was chock full of leftist-leaning colleges and fellowships at Marxist think tanks. In 2016, Jankowicz was supposedly embedded in the Ukraine government to advise on Russian disinformation. Six years later, there’s a war between Russia and Ukraine. Coincidence? Probably not, as I outline in detail here.

Fauxnalist Taylor Lorenz, who is always rooting out internet harassment when she’s not doing the harassment herself, took to her outlet with a “scoop” on how right-wing harassment of Jankowicz was at the center of DHS’ decision.

Lorenz tweeted in her story thread:

The ‘pause’ of the newly-created Disinfo Governance Board comes as its head, Nina Jankowicz, has been the target of vicious, coordinated right-wing attacks, which govt officials have failed to effectively counter

Interviews w/ sources inside the DHS, on the Hill, along w/ disinfo experts, show how Jankowicz was set up to fail by an admin unsure of its messaging & unprepared to counteract the coordinated, far right online campaign against her

“Jankowicz was set up to fail…” That’s rich. You’re batshit crazy and everyone knows it. When they let you know they’re not buying your schtick, instead of accepting defeat, you get someone who traffics in perpetual victimhood to pull the victim card for you.

Birds of a feather.

According to what the Fauxnalist reported Wednesday morning, with the pause of the Disinformation Governance Board, Jankowicz was weighing her options, as Lorenz further tweeted:

Jankowicz is currently evaluating her position within the department. After attempting to defend herself and her reputation online, she was told by the administration to stay silent while enduring unrelenting attacks and violent threats

Apparently it only took Jankowicz a few hours to evaluate and come to the conclusion that she could perform her schtick somewhere else and probably make more money doing it.

From Reuters:

The head of the Biden administration’s disinformation-fighting advisory group has resigned, she told Reuters on Wednesday and the Department of Homeland Security said it had paused the group’s activities.

Nina Jankowicz, who started work as the executive director of the DHS’s Disinformation Governance Board in March, said she was expecting a baby and “spending time with my family is first priority”.

A convenient excuse. One wonders if the Disinformation Governance Board had not been paused, how important would spending time with her family be?

“In the fall, I plan to continue the work I’ve done throughout my career building awareness of disinformation in the public sphere, working on issues related to Russia’s war in Ukraine, and continuing my work related to women’s online expression,” she said.

Even Reuters fell lockstep into the narrative that it was “right-wing critics” that caused the toppling of this horrific assault on free speech.

The board’s creation and the last month’s announcement that Jankowicz had been appointed to run it provoked a fierce reaction from right-wing critics and drew skepticism from some experts in the field.

Skepticism? More like outright derision. This woman is a dangerous clown (think It), and the Disinformation Governance Board was the vehicle she was trying to ride around in. Many people, including RedState, helped to put the brakes on it.

DHS chucking the disinformation board is also a point of political expediency. With the midterms looming large, the Democrats looking to be on the losing end, and none of the Biden administration’s plans helping his dismal approval rating, this pause was simply a strategic move. While many on the right are applauding this, I have my suspicions that “board” and its goals will actually disappear. Like all the Democrats really horrible policies, when they cannot push them through either by deception or fiat, they simply find a way to rebrand, repackage, and reimplement, usually with less fanfare in order to slip it under the radar.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ press secretary is channeling my thoughts:

I agree with Pushaw, vigilance is required. Dementia Joe’s speech in Buffalo continues to show that their only interest is in killing free speech, painting any dissent against their plans as terrorism, and fomenting hate speech in order to accuse us of using it against them. The Biden administration may be appear to be down, but their relentless pursuit of power and control will not end here, that’s for sure.

I do wish Jankowicz well in her pregnancy, and I hope she enjoys her family time. Sadly, the rest of us will get no enjoyment until this corrupt and dysfunctional administration is brought to heel.

Biggest question: Which musical song did she choose to resign to?


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