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Actor-Director-Producer Nick Searcy (Justified, The Shape of Water, Gosnell) and Director Chris Burgard (The Ruining, Border, America! America! God Shed His Grace On Thee) unite once again with the film Capitol Punishment.


This important documentary delves into the events of January 6, 2021—not the events that have been regurgitated ad infinitum by the legacy media, but the actual facts on the ground and how the people on the ground have been affected. The millions who showed up peacefully, and left the same way. The singing and the prayers. The different races, cultures, and religious backgrounds coming together with a unified purpose—not to overthrow the government, but to let the government know that they answer to We The People.

It is the last part that is most upsetting to the power structure, and why the manufactured unrest of January 6 happened.

In RedState’s interview with Searcy, he explained,

“The idea of it being an insurrection to me was ridiculous because most of the people that I saw there were my age, you know, and we were all unarmed. What have we got with us? You know, Poligrip and blood pressure medicine, and sleep apnea masks. You know, what are we going to do? How are we going to overthrow the government?

“It doesn’t make any sense, and I just think you have to stand up and and say that you’re not telling the whole story.

“And not only that, I mean, the whole narrative coming out of the media was that this was all a bunch of crazed, rabid, white supremacist Trump supporters that did all the violence, and that’s just not true. We have footage of people in the bushes that were changing in and out of their Trump gear, and footage of people that are just obviously not Trump people ordering, you know, waving people into the Capitol. All these kind of instigators that did not fit the crowd at all.

“And they’re not telling you any of that. They don’t want to go into that.”


But Capitol Punishment delves even more deeply into the aftermath of the events of January 6. The innocent citizens, some who were nowhere near the Capitol, who are now being targeted by their own government. Whose lives have been destroyed. And one who lost her life.

According to Searcy and Lawyer and Writer Julie Kelley, the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are still holding on to over 14,000 hours of footage from that day, refusing to allow it to be seen by defendants or defendants’ counsel. Why is that?

“Christopher Wray gets up and testifies there was no Antifa, no BLM presence there, when that is not true. That’s a lie,” Searcy said.

“And so I, I think that all we can do as citizens is what we were trying to do on January 6th: peacefully stand up and say, this is not right. This is not how this country should work.”

Capitol Punishment beautifully weaves the peaceful, loving, and unifying celebration of our rights as citizens with the faux-surrection footage, and interviews with law enforcement and foreign policy specialists, and most important, those whose lives have been upended because they chose to exercise their civil liberties and hold their government accountable.

Tony Martinez and his family were literally terrorized and raided by the FBI in the dawn hours. They paraded Martinez, his wife, and his 13-year old daughter Isabelle into the street. They handcuffed Isabelle.



The Martinez family is but one story of hundreds of law-abiding Americans who are now being used as an example in this government’s campaign of tyranny. Because of the government’s actions, and the terrorism charges leveled at him, Martinez’s landlord evicted them. Others have suffered similar, and sometimes worse fates, and Capitol Punishment documents their stories, because the legacy media cannot be bothered.

Throughout the documentary, one question is repeatedly asked: Is this right? Is it right to treat Americans this way?

While some of the J6 Defendants are being unlawfully imprisoned, languishing in jail and being denied their due process rights, others are choosing to push back and not be cowed by government overreach.

America’s Frontline Doctors founder Simone Gold was also at the Capitol that day to speak, and was caught in the net.


But by far the most riveting and powerful part of this documentary is its tribute to Ashli Babbitt through the words of her husband Aaron. The legacy media and our government has done all they can to dehumanize, delegitimize, and destroy Babbitt’s reputation as a veteran who served her country with honor, and a loving, giving, and proud patriot of this country.

“Well, what we wanted to do was humanize,” Searcy said.

“To show you who she really was, as opposed to what the media says about her; which is that she was a terrorist and she was an insurrectionist and violent.

“This was a beautiful young woman who was an 11-year veteran. She signed up for the Air Force when she was 17 years old, because she wanted to serve her country. And they have demonized her, just completely smeared her in the press and covered up her murder.”


Capitol Punishment gives Ashli Babbitt the homage she is long overdue, and paints an honorable portrait of a woman who swore to uphold and defend the Constitution, and did so to the death.

Capitol Punishment was released during the Thanksgiving weekend, solely on their own website Searcy had the website and its infrastructure built specifically for the film, “so that nobody could shut us down.”

Since this interview, the film and its companion merchandise is also available on His Glory TV’s website. The proceeds for the film and planned future showings of the film will go towards the legal defense of the J6 Defendants.

Searcy had much to say about the suppression of films such as this by Hollywood and social media, but now that content creators can go directly to their audiences, the gatekeeper model no longer works.

“Another thing about this movie that I think is important, we’re we’re we’re we’re showing a new way.

“The new way is you make content, you deliver it directly to the audience that wants that content, and there’s a transaction there. It’s not Hollywood putting out, you know 100 movies, 99 of which are leftist garbage and then one like Avengers movie or something. You know we are able. Now we have the technology to compete with them and they can’t prevent us from doing it. And that’s why I keep telling everybody, don’t be afraid of them. Don’t be afraid of the government. Don’t be afraid of Hollywood—if you want to work in the film business, do it.

“Express yourself, you know, say what you believe you, whatever it is. Don’t be afraid.”


Don’t be afraid. These are Producer Nick Searcy’s closing thoughts from the interview, and also the closing challenge of the film Capitol Punishment.

Visit to stream this critical film, and maybe buy it as a gift for those who have swallowed the lies, and need to see the truth.



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