IN MY ORBIT: The Full Interview—Nick Searcy, 'Capitol Punishment' the Movie, and America Activated

IN MY ORBIT: The Full Interview—Nick Searcy, 'Capitol Punishment' the Movie, and America Activated
Jennifer Oliver O'Connell-Nick Searcy Have a Conversation

I got the chance to fangirl a little bit last week through an interview with the amazingly talented Nick Searcy. For you non-pop culture VIP folks, Searcy is a bit of a unicorn: he’s a successful, working, Hollywood actor-director and producer, who is also a conservative!

No way?! you say. Yes, way! And he’s in no way apologetic about it. His Twitter feed, @yesnicksearcy is filled with his conservative viewpoints, takes, and takedowns, delivered rapid fire like an Uzi. Very much similar to PJ Media’s Kurt Schlichter, Searcy takes no prisoners, whether Left, Right, or Center.

The typical Leftist trolls really have no idea who he is, and after he obliterates them, they wished they’d have left him alone.

Pity poor them.

Well, maybe not.

As Hollywood currency goes, Searcy is a name, who works regularly in more than a few high-profile projects. That is opposed to the ones that simply ride off their name and have nothing of substance to show for it except E!’s Red Carpet specials.

Searcy’s most recognizable and beloved character is Chief Deputy United States Marshal Art Mullen on the FX series Justified. But if you’re a fan of Fried Green Tomatoes, the scene between young Idgie Threadgoode/Towanda (played by Mary Stuart Masterton), and Searcy’s Frank Bennett is quite memorable and pivotal to the telling. So are Searcy’s roles in Oscar-nominated, and Oscar-winning films such as Moneyball, Cast Away, The Fugitive, The Shape of Water, and Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri. In a Hollywood world that is turning increasingly beta, alpha males are harder to find. So, Searcy fills a particular niche that is anything but cookie cutter, and everything that is weighty.

When I interviewed him last Tuesday, Searcy was fresh off filming two Westerns back-to-back and taking some much-needed rest. He had a glorious beard, so I thought perhaps he was doing some side work as Santa! I said if he needed some extra cash, he could probably contract with the local mall and go for it.

“It might come to that,” he wryly replied.

But the most important reason for this interview was to talk about his latest production, a documentary called Capitol Punishment.

Capitol Punishment Movie Poster


Both Searcy, and director Chris Burgard were there on January 6, 2021, and saw what really occurred that day, as opposed to what the legacy media wants the world to believe.

Director Chris Burgard-Actor-Director-Producer Nick Searcy (Credit: Capitol Punishment Movie)


As FBI Director Christopher Wray blithely testified on Capitol Hill that BLM and Antifa had no involvement in the unrest on January 6, Searcy and Burgard saw and filmed agent provocateurs pretending to be MAGA supporters, changing their clothes in the bushes, and enticing and leading others to storm the Capitol.

There is a Big Lie, but it is our government perpetrating it.

“I mean everything they’re doing is simply to justify the crime that they’ve already committed,” Searcy said.

“You know the January 6th Commission is just a show trial to parade these people up there and say, go look at these insurrectionists.”

Nick Searcy and I talk about the plot to destroy our liberties and Constitutional rights, the tyranny of fear, and much more in this full 38–minute interview.

Give it a listen, and go visit to stream this important documentary.

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