Dana Loesch Throws the Democrats' Excuse for the Gun Crime Surge Into the Wood Chipper

Democrats are very good at two things. The first is denying all logic in order to push a narrative or agenda. The second is making sure that no matter what goes wrong, they never take responsibility for it. True to form, when it comes to the surging gun crime in various parts of the country, they did both, and radio show host Dana Loesch called them out on it.


Appearing on “Fox News Primetime” on Wednesday evening, Loesch was asked to comment on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s new executive order declaring a disaster emergency on gun violence, the first time this has ever been done in the United States.

Cuomo’s plan to tackle this new emergency involves creating a new “Office of Gun Violence Prevention” segment within New York’s Department of Health.

“We went from one epidemic to another epidemic. We went from COVID to the epidemic of gun violence. And the fear and the death that goes along with it,” Cuomo said. “When you look at the recent numbers, more people are dying of gun violence than of COVID … we’re losing young people.”

His executive order will put $138.7 million of taxpayer money into employment programs for at-risk youth, many of them government jobs.

Loesch, however, has nailed the real reason gun crime is on the rise, and it’s simple. Politicians are stopping the justice system from doing what it’s supposed to.

“It’s politicians that don’t actually enforce the law that reduces penalties, and in some cases — there are numerous cases in Chicago and New York where they don’t even go after prosecutions for repeat offenders with felony possession in the first place, and that’s what’s driving this crime. That is what’s doing it, not law-abiding gun owners,” said Loesch.


It may sound simple, but refusing to enforce laws and write off crimes will only embolden criminals to continue pushing the limits in order to see what they can get away with. It should come as no surprise that gun crime is on the rise given the fact that these politicians won’t enforce gun laws already on the books, and in places like New York and Chicago where gun laws are already highly restrictive yet gun crime is unbelievably high, it’s logically unlikely that more gun laws are going to solve the problem.

“Consider New York for example… you have magazine capacity restrictions, you have registration, I mean, you could argue that the weakening of HIPAA laws so that doctors could report patients if they felt within their discretion that the patient was dangerous, [which could be considered] removal of due process…. but with all of these laws, they still have this insane skyrocketing increase in crime. Particularly illegal possession, illegal carrying of firearms in use in commission of other felonies by these prohibitive possessors,” said Loesch.

The bottom line is that it’s not an epidemic or a health issue, it’s a law enforcement issue, and with cities like Chicago and New York tying their officer’s hands behind their backs and/or reducing their funding, passing ridiculous “reforms” and releasing repeat offenders, it should come as no surprise that crime is skyrocketing.


This exact point was made by New York Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt as well.

“Days after finally relinquishing his emergency powers, the governor has declared another emergency,” Ortt said. “The crisis in cities across our state today directly correlates with the passage of the disastrous bail and other criminal justice ‘reforms,’ an out-of-control parole board that has released countless murderers and other dangerous criminals, and calls by Democrats to defund our police.”

In short, if Democrats really want to help stop the gun crime problem, they need to stop putting the blame on the gun and the average citizen, and start looking at their own disastrous policies.


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