Gavin Newsom Signs All-Mail-in Ballots Into Law; Cheating in Plain Sight Is Now a Thing

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Governor Hair Gel continues on his full-on drunk with absolute power spree, and each bill he signs into law is proof. AB 37 was signed into law today, making all-mail-in ballots a thing in California.


From KTLA:

California’s pandemic-inspired move toward mailing a ballot to every registered, active voter will become a permanent part of the state’s political landscape, an embrace of an extended and flexible voting process instead of the traditional focus on a single day of voting in person.

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s signature Monday on Assembly Bill 37 makes California the eighth state in the nation with a law on the books requiring every voter to be mailed a ballot. The new law is part of an evolution of voting in the state over the past two decades, an effort to provide voters more options for when and where to cast their ballots.

“Data shows that sending everyone a ballot in the mail provides voters access. And when voters get ballots in the mail, they vote,” Assemblyman Marc Berman (D-Palo Alto), the bill’s author, said during a Senate committee hearing in July.

The law takes effect in January and will require ballots to be mailed to all voters for statewide elections in June and November. AB 37 also applies to local elections, potentially improving turnout in community contests but also increasing costs, given that vote-by-mail ballots are provided with prepaid postage.


All Mail-in voting was one of the executive orders issued by Newsom during the pandemic (Executive Order N-67-20). This was also why he was sued by Assemblymen Kevin Kiley (R-Rocklin) and James Gallagher (R-Yuba City) for overreach. According to the California Constitution, the legislature is tasked with changing election laws, and this should not have been done by executive fiat.

Kiley and Gallagher won their suit in Sutter County Superior Court, and Newsom was to cease his use of executive powers to dictate election law.

As our Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar wrote:

In the ruling, issued just days before the November 2020 election, the judge found that Newsom’s actions were unconstitutional because the California Emergency Services Act was didn’t grant the governor the power to “amend statutory law or make new statutory law, which is exclusively a legislative function.” In addition, the judge found it necessary to issue a permanent injunction against Newsom to keep him from doing so in the future:

Gavin Newsom, in his official capacity as Governor of the State of California is enjoined and prohibited from exercising any power under the California Emergency Services Act…which amends, alters, or changes existing statutory law or makes new statutory law or legislative policy.

Since people had been voting for weeks before the judge’s ruling she declared that it did not apply to the November 2020 general election, but the fact that she issued a permanent injunction against Newsom meant that she wanted to ensure that he could not pull such shenanigans in the future. Given that the Newsom recall petition was already widely circulating at that time, she was fully aware that he could possibly face a recall election in the year following her ruling and seemingly wanted to make it crystal clear that Newsom did not have the authority to issue Executive Orders in that election under the California Emergency Services Act.


The California Legislature rushed to the fray to create laws to justify Newsom’s executive order, even while the verdict was overturned on appeal by the Third District Court of Appeals. Our Affirmative Action Secretary of State Shirley Weber, used the opportunity of the Recall election to use these newly-contorted laws to allow Remote Access Vote By Mail (RAVBM), where anyone can print a ballot from their home computer.

And, so it goes. California is the poster child of how you create systemic voter fraud—you simply codify it into the process.

Former-Secy of State (now Senator) Alex Padilla was a chief architect of much of this “in plain sight” malfeasance and corruption. Despite Judicial Watch winning a 2017 lawsuit that required California clean up its voter rolls, Secy of State Alex Padilla did nothing to see that this happened, and instead used the pandemic to nakedly restructure election laws for the November 2020 general election. Without authorization from the State Controller Betty Yee, Padilla signed on to a $35 million dollar deal with SKDKnickerbocker, a GOTV machine run by Anita Dunn to supposedly make elections “safe”. Coincidentally, Dunn has close ties to then-candidate, now President Joe Biden. Padilla has never had to answer for this disregard for law, and end-run around the financial processes of the state. He was handsomely rewarded with a Senate seat; that’s how much they care about the integrity of your vote.


The other architect is Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-Chula Vista), who gifted California with two horrific bills in 2015 and 2018, which Newsom signed into law: Motor Voter, and Legalized Ballot Harvesting.

Motor Voter ensures that any time a Californian (not just citizens) interacts with the Department of Motor Vehicles to renew their driver’s license, get a state ID card, or update their registration and plates, they will also be registered to vote. This is done automatically, unless you affirmatively decline. And as are all of California’s systems, the interface (online) and paperwork is beyond convoluted, making it fairly easy to bypass the option to decline. Trust me, I tried to do it online, and had to re-read the language twice, and do it over again in order to NOT be registered. It was created to be a clusterf*ck for a reason, and the reason becomes evident at each election cycle.

Legalized Ballot Harvesting allows anyone to collect the ballots of other people and return them to the Registrar of Voters in their county. The prior language in the law used to allow only a designated family or household member with a verified signature to return someone else’s ballot. The new language makes no such restrictions, allowing a stranger off the street to collect your ballot and turn it in.

It is all codified into law, it is all in plain sight, and it is all corrupt. Any fight for election integrity in this state will require these laws be rescinded.


It’s an uphill battle, on a muddy hill.


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