Mayorkas Puts Cavalry Border Agents Who Used Reins to Control Haitian Illegals on Desk Duty Pending Investigation

Mayorkas Puts Cavalry Border Agents Who Used Reins to Control Haitian Illegals on Desk Duty Pending Investigation
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My colleague Bonchie covered Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ testimony before Congress, and updated us on the latest regarding “WhipGate”. It is egregious that, instead of addressing the Southern Border being overrun with not only illegal Mexicans, but now illegal Haitians who apparently didn’t come from Haiti, Mayorkas is talking about an incident that was poor optics, but completely within the scope of the function and duties of the Cavalry Border Patrol agents.

As Bonchie wrote:

But while that kind of ridiculous outrage was expected from the low-intellect crowd in the national media, what was far worse was the fact that the White House didn’t come to the defense of the CBP agents involved. Instead, they’ve been playing into the false narrative from the beginning, likely seeing it as a useful distraction from the actual humanitarian disaster at the border they’ve caused.

But Mayorkas must pretend he is doing something in those “18 hour days” he claims he works, so he has benched the agents involved, albeit temporarily.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas revealed Wednesday that Border Patrol agents accused of whipping migrants to prevent them from crossing the US border have been assigned to desk duty — while the incident is investigated with “tremendous speed and with tremendous force.”

Mayorkas addressed the images of the agents in Del Rio, Texas, which he said “correctly and necessarily were met with our nation’s horror,” while testifying before the House Homeland Security Committee on Capitol Hill.

“They do not reflect who we are as a country, nor do we think they reflect who the United States custom border protection is,” he said.

On Monday, Mayorkas denied that the border patrol agents used whips, but reins to control their horses. He claimed he saw nothing wrong with how the agents acted based on initial viewings of the images and footage.

Today, Mayorkas is throwing the agents under the bus.

What. A. Tool.

Mayorkas doesn’t even bother to try and give credence to the border patrol agents and what their procedures are, nor does he acknowledge the impossible situation the Biden administration has placed them in. Instead, Mayorkas accepts the premise that the agents were actually whipping the “migrants”, and that it is rooted in racism. Then he bends over backwards to apologize for behavior that has been debunked, and shouldn’t even be given credence, because the incident is supposedly being investigated!

This man is the worst form of sycophant.

Mayorkas said the agency is investigating the images, which appeared to show agents using whips to prevent Haitian migrants from crossing the Rio Grande to reach an encampment set up under a Texas bridge. He said that the probe is being conducted with “tremendous speed and with tremendous force,” and the findings would be available in “days, not weeks.”

“Tremendous speed” and “force” meaning what? And days, not weeks? How is Mayorkas going to squeeze that into his 18-hour day? After the dog-and-pony show in front of Congress, how can any investigation of the border patrol agents be objective when this administration has already accepted the premise that something wrong was done, and it’s the agents fault?

This is the gang that can’t shoot straight, so it is doubtful they’ll do anything with haste. But you can guarantee it will be done with the usual gaslighting and confusion.

Mayorkas is creating an untenable situation for these agents already stretched to breaking point. Brandon Judd and Hector Garza of the National Border Patrol Council appeared on the Fox News’ The Ingraham Angle to decry the administration plastering them as racists, and blast Secy Mayorkas for doing nothing to protect and defend agents. They also had a few choice words for the Border Czar, VP McCackles, Kamala Harris.

My colleague Nick Arama covered another debacle with ICE agents and the Haitians:

DHS confirmed to Fox’s Bill Melugin that Haitian migrants who were on a deportation flight back to Haiti caused “two separate disruptions” on the tarmac in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, injuring three ICE officers who sustained non-life threatening injuries. Haitian crowd control police were involved in responding.

No word From Secy Mayorkas about these agents who needed medical care and their bravery and service. No acknowledgement of the difficult work they are required to do, especially with Dementia Joe and his feckless crew gaslighting, burping, and scratching their heads about the “challenge” happening on the Southern Border.

Republican governors are preparing lawsuits against the Biden-Harris administration not only for their bumbling at the border, but vaccine mandates. These border agents could also file a lawsuit against Mayorkas, Raggedy Jen Psaki, and the Department of Homeland Security for slander, as well as creating a hostile and unsafe work environment. The lack of consideration and support from this administration toward people doing all they can to do their job, and who hold the line to protect our national borders is unconscionable.

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