Outrage Over the TX Heartbeat Law Brings out More Bad Takes Than a Roger Corman Movie

Courtesy of Dr. Michael Brown

The righteous feminists are out, ya’ll, and they are outraged over the U.S. Supreme Court’s failure to stay the Texas heartbeat law.


Live Action founder and president Lila Rose received a ton of scorn for this tweet. In fact, the day has been full of the abortion advocates whining, moaning, weeping, and gnashing their teeth. The hackneyed memes from The Handmaid’s Tale have been in abundance, as well as some really bad takes.

Like this beauty:

Now change the subject from “abortion” to “COVID-19” or “Delta-variant”, and see how quickly this argument changes. I bet you dollars to donuts that this person would turn into the vaccine and mask Karen quicker than you can say, “Pfizer”.

It’s not the same! You’re infecting people and they might die!!!

They probably will not, especially since we know that early treatment is essential in surviving COVID-19. But when you abort a baby, that baby for sure dies. No treatment or HCQ-cocktail to save that life.

My Body, My Choice has been the Democrat Left’s rallying cry for years; the only exception is when it comes to the COVID vaccines and masks.

Make it make sense.

Then there is this one, who purports to be a doctor and the mother of a daughter. Both facts are equally disquieting.


Oh, Dr. Dara, do share! We’ve been waiting with bated breath.

Shouldn’t this be standard operating procedure if you’re having sex on the regular… or have I missed something being married this long?

Does this sound vaguely familiar? The vaccines are effective, but you still need a mask. Take birth control, to prevent pregnancy, but wear a condom just in case. As our Editor-at-Large Kira Davis wisely named her podcast: Just Listen To Yourself!

Dr. Dara goes on to encourage medical abortion, which apparently, has now moved online; just like pornographers and human traffickers.


From the USA Today article:

Over the past year, new virtual clinics have begun delivering medication abortion entirely remotely. Last July, a federal court suspended a Food and Drug Administration rule that requires patients to obtain the first drug in a medication abortion at a health care facility during the pandemic.That drug, mifepristone, is the only one of 20,000 FDA-regulated medications that requires in-person dispensation but can be taken at home.

The ruling created an opening for virtual clinics like ChoixHey Jane and Just the Pill to offer “no touch” services for people less than 10 weeks pregnant. Patients complete a medical history form online, consult with a clinician over video or telephone, and if eligible, receive two medications from a mail-order pharmacy.

The same people railing about Ivermectin being a “horse drug”, and who slammed Trump for touting Hydroxychloroquine (and now it’s A-OK), have no problem with abortion drugs being prescribed and used without a doctor’s supervision.

The hypocrisy is stunning.

But this horrific take by singer/songwriter Stella Parton, should be framed and hung next to her Grammy awards.


Wait, does she have any?

Parton compares women’s progress in America to women’s progress in Afghanistan.

It’s as bad as you think.

Yeah, we’re catching it all right, and it stinks like the horse hockey it is. When was the last time you were stoned in the street for not wearing a head covering? Or raped consistently by the Taliban? Forced into an arranged marriage? How about being shot for wanting an education or enjoying music? Yeah, Stella, the Taliban would just love to get an audience with you!

Parton was rightly called on this not only stunning, but poorly timed, disconnect:

Instead of modulating (do these feminist even know what that means?), Parton doubled down, claiming that all the people calling her out are male, and that she is proudly blocking them.


Another male tried to use common sense to challenge her on the fallacy of her argument.

Parton probably blocked him too.

This chippy with the handle, “Science matters”, brought up the tired and overused comparisons to The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s amazing how bad takes and bad television series seem to go hand-in-hand.

I need to change my title to “LOGIC MATTERS”, because this last one is just pure stupid.


If SCOTUS rules in favor of Mississippi in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, we’ll get even worse takes than this, and probably women in Handmaid’s Tale costumes trying to tear apart the doors to the Supreme Court ala the Kavanaugh hearings.



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