Introducing "Just Listen To Yourself", The Podcast That Asks People To Actually Listen To What They Are Saying Out Loud

I love to talk. I’ve been an op ed writer for almost a decade now, but a talker all my life. In fact, as a sickly child I spent a lot of time in the hospital. The nurses there called me “Gabby Jones” (Jones being my maiden name) because I would spend a lot of time at the nurses station babbling while my overwhelmed single mother went home to catch some shut-eye.


Later in life I became an actress and learned how say other people’s words – which is harder than it sounds! However, motherhood changed everything for me. I chose to retire and stay home to raise my children, but being a talker I really needed an outlet. Toddlers aren’t very good conversationalists.

That’s when I took up writing about my other passion – politics. That has led me on an incredible journey. I love writing and I especially love to see how people respond to my writing, but still after all these years my favorite thing to do is talk. If someone would pay me to talk all day that’s what I would do.

Shockingly, no one has stepped up dump a load of cash in my lap just for the privilege of hearing me talk…but someone did step up to offer me something better…a platform.

I’m excited to announce my new podcast “Just Listen To Yourself” on FCB Radio. FCB is a start-up entertainment conglomerate based out of Cleveland, OH. I’ll be joining other established podcasts on the national platform like “The Outlaws Radio Show” and “The Todd Allyn Show”. I love FCB because it embraces the kind of diversity that I think makes America special. All views are represented, no one is judged by their race or their background, and all thinkers are welcomed. FCB also has a thriving music production vertical and I’m looking forward to doing some work on their latest faith-based vertical soon as well.


“Just Listen To Yourself” was borne out of me watching tv or reading interviews with celebrities and entertainers about current events and screaming into the void, “Just listen to what you’re saying!” after every stupid sentence. We have become a nation of reactors, headline readers who rarely read past the excerpts but feel justified in all the rage those carefully selected headlines cause. On JLTY I’ll break down the crazy things we say when we want to sound informed but haven’t taken the time to parse out our arguments to the the very end.

I’ll follow the logic and encourage everyone to do likewise. We might not end up at the same conclusion, but we can have some fun along the way.

Some of you might already be familiar with my work. I am the Editor-at-Large for Redstate and a conservative, although I loathe labels these days. I’ll ask that whether you know of me or not that you don’t make assumptions. As the great Sam Jackson said in the greatest action film of all time, The Long Kiss Goodnight: Never make assumptions. You’ll only make an ass out of ‘U’ and ‘mptions’.

Join me in the arena of ideas. Let me tickle your ears with some ideas you may have heard and some you may have not, and then please let me know what you think. Let’s share ideas, not insults; words, not whips; curiosity, not blind loyalty.


And let’s have a little fun doing it.

My first episode has reached a podcast platform near you. I talk about Bernie Sanders and discuss the hypocritical message being shoved at Black America right now. Also, I explain why I think a proper representation of America is not a pie, but a buffet table.  Give it a ‘like’ on iTunes and subscribe so you never have to miss an episode of my lovely, melodic, not-at-all-annoying voice.

And if it moves you, leave a nice review. It helps with the haters.

Hope you enjoy! Until next week, don’t forget to stop and just listen to yourself every once in a while.


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