CPS Offers Free Condoms to 5th Graders: Because you Don't Want an STD to Wipe you out Before a Bullet Does

CPS Offers Free Condoms to 5th Graders: Because you Don't Want an STD to Wipe you out Before a Bullet Does
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According to the Chicago Sun-Times crime blotter, the long, Fourth of July weekend was one of the deadliest in Chicago this year. Seventeen people were killed, and at least ninety-nine others were wounded because of gun violence.

Yesterday, Mayor Lori Lightfoot met with Dementia Joe to discuss ways the federal government could help with the gun violence in the city. Chicago already has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, yet, somehow criminals keep getting guns and bringing them in. A meeting with Soros-funded Cook County District Attorney Kim Foxx would have been more in order to discuss how she plans to adjust her policies so that criminals are tried, convicted, and put in jail, rather than sent back out on to the street to further offend, obtain illegal guns, and continue killing innocent people.

But, I digress… Lori and Joe are on it, though—don’t you worry!

And Chicago’s other focus? Ensuring the children of the city are safe from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

Because you don’t want to get killed by a deadly STD before that stray bullet gets its chance.


Starting this fall, free condoms will be available at Chicago Public Schools with students fifth grade or older.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports this is part of a new policy passed by the CPS Board of Education in December.

Under the CPS policy, schools that teach fifth grade and up must maintain a condom availability program.

The Chicago Department of Public Health will provide condoms to 600 CPS schools to help prevent teen pregnancies, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The original reporting in the Chicago Sun-Times features an interview with a Dr. Kenneth Fox, waxing eloquent over young people’s right to “make healthy decisions” and having access to resources for their “health and well-being”.

The idea was years in the making and, though it may come with some controversy, was what many experts agreed was a step in the right direction for student health, CPS’ top doctor Kenneth Fox said in an interview last week. Until now, principals have had massive leeway to use their own discretion on sex-related education and resources.

“Young people have the right to accurate and clear information to make healthy decisions,” said Fox, a pediatrician of 30 years. “And they need access to resources to protect their health and the health of others as they act on those decisions.”

Fox said the goal is prevention.

“Essentially what we want to do is make condoms available to students for if and when they think they need them,” he said. “ … When you don’t have those protections and don’t make those resources available then bad stuff happens to young people. You have elevated risks of sexually transmitted infections, of unintended pregnancies, and that’s very preventable stuff.”

This is the TikTok generation, who are faking positive COVID tests in order to get out of school. Last I checked, kids still forget their homework and cannot remember to get their parents signature on a field trip form (is that even a thing anymore?). Yet, this Dr. Fox believes young people have the wherewithal to remember to put on that condom in the heat of passion in order to prevent a pregnancy?


And what of parental concerns about offering condoms to their children? In the heavily Catholic City of Chicago, you know CPS has gotten push back, even if the media does not report on it. It always amazes that these bureaucrats ram through the policies first, then assign someone to “address” the parental concerns after the fact.

You cannot make this stuff up.

Scout Bratt, an outreach and education director at the Chicago Women’s Health Center, said there will be plenty of parents who don’t believe this program is right for their family, and it’ll be the district’s responsibility to listen to those concerns and offer direct communication about what condom availability does and doesn’t mean.

“I want to be really clear that the existence of condoms does not mean that all students are going to be using those condoms or encouraged to use them,” Bratt said. “The idea is to say we are educational centers, we are community health centers essentially, and we know to invest in young folks’ health and well-being by providing comprehensive sex ed, it means we also need to provide the resources.

Very much like AFT’s Randi Weingarten and her dogmatic insistence that CRT will be taught to children, over the parental outcry to the contrary; so CPS is now offering tools to “protect” and give resources for your child’s sexual well-being. Because their sexual well-being is a governmental priority.

I’m sure sex toys are next on the list of resources they’ll deem necessary to a child’s health and well-being. Whether they can read and write, and that street violence?

Totally ancillary.

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