HOT TAKES: The People Cheer on as Oil and Gas CEO Hoists NorthFace by its own Petard

My colleague Kira Davis reported on this case of WOKE virtue signaling gone horribly wrong.

The CEO of a Denver-based oil and gas company has launched a campaign to push back against thoughtless corporate wokeism in epic fashion.

Chris Wright is the CEO of Liberty Oilfield Services and was moved to spearhead a publicity campaign against popular outdoor recreation supplier The North Face after they reportedly rejected providing coats for the employees of a Texas oil and gas company. The North Face said such a move would violate their “brand standards” and compared it to providing products to the pornography industry.

The campaign has launched a website and erected billboards around North Face’s offices in Denver. The social media arm of the campaign has been named “Thank you, North Face.”


It’s less than two minutes and is well worth the chuckle. It’s also an exceptionally smart counter to this ridiculous level of so-called conscious corporatism.

The tweet and the video did the work of not only bringing a smile to faces, but pointing out NorthFace’s lack of foresight in its hypocritical stance.

It is indeed, and only the intelligent truly get it.

I guess. You would think a company that makes environmentally sound (we suppose) and durable, temperature-controlled clothing would know how they produce their own product. Guess when you mostly outsource to China, Vietnam, and India, you lose some of that knowledge of quality controls.

But it’s not Liberty Oil’s problem that NorthFace’s marketing team has no idea that the non-renewable petroleum derivatives that fleece is produced from is still… petroleum.



Alas, some of the environmentalist wackos (as the late Rush Limbaugh lovingly referred to them), still failed to see the point, and tried to cast shade on Liberty Oil’s epic burn of NorthFace in the name of the free market!

Nah. Rob Honeycutt is about as useful as a Tesla in a snow storm. That petroleum-powered SUV keeps working in the cold. Alas, that renewable energy electric vehicle, cannot.

Another tweeter, Alison P. displayed a level of dim bulbness not seen since… Rob Honeycutt.

These people need to look up the definition of three words: 1) irony; 2) hypocrisy; 3) free market.

And then they need to work on a sense of humor, it that is at all possible.


Liberty Oil = 2. NorthFace = 0.



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