Must Watch: Oil and Gas CEO Claps Back Hard Against Environmentalist Hypocrites for Their Dependence on Oil Production

The CEO of a Denver-based oil and gas company has launched a campaign to push back against thoughtless corporate wokeism in epic fashion.

Chris Wright is the CEO of Liberty Oilfield Services and was moved to spearhead a publicity campaign against popular outdoor recreation supplier The North Face after they reportedly rejected providing coats for the employees of a Texas oil and gas company. The North Face said such a move would violate their “brand standards” and compared it to providing products to the pornography industry.


The campaign has launched a website and erected billboards around North Face’s offices in Denver. The social media arm of the campaign has been named “Thank you, North Face.”

The idea behind the campaign comes from Wright’s bemused observation that companies like The North Face – and pretty much everyone else in the world – depend on the petroleum products developed from oil and gas. Wright says he decided to look into just how much of the winter wear wokester’s products actually depended on petroleum. Given the range and type of product he estimated it to be upwards of 90%.

In a searing YouTube video, Wright calls out The North Face for their hypocrisy and “thanks” them for their patronage despite their ignorance.

“Over 60% of all clothing fibers are made out of oil and gas. For North Face it is likely 90% or more. North Face is not only an extraordinary customer of the oil and gas industry, they are also a partner with the oil and gas industry.”


Well, tou-freaking-ché!

It’s good to see companies with good, capitalistic sense pushing back against the narratives of “wokeness” being embraced by much of corporate America.

More of this, please.


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