IN MY ORBIT: Parents Need to Name and Shame the Lincoln Project

The Lincoln Project creeps are trying to destroy more children with a new “education” initiative that my colleague Nick Arama does a deep dive into here. Both Arama and the Washington Free Beacon call it what it is: Dark Money Laundering.

The Franklin Project, which launches this week, is not a new organization. The 501(c)(4) nonprofit is merely a rebranded version of the dark money group. Lincoln Project cofounder Reed Galen secretly operated during the 2020 election. CNBC’s Brian Schwartz noted-the public record indicates Galen’s dark money group, Project Yellowstone, recently changed its name to the Franklin Project.

During the 2020 campaign, Project Yellowstone was ostensibly involved in voter education initiatives, but critics suspect its true purpose was to funnel cash to the Lincoln Project founders and their associates, and to shield these financial activities from public scrutiny.

Just like their Democrat Party leanings, the Lincoln Project is merely following the Democrat playbook of responding, then allowing a scandal to drag out and be drowned out. Governor Mammy McKlanrobes Northam did it in Virginia. “Grandma Killer” Governor Andrew Cuomo is doing it in New York City. As late Rush Limbaugh so aptly said, “These things can be resume enhancements in the Democrat Party.”

And apparently, it is for the Lincoln Project, because they are still getting overwhelming support from legacy media and foolish people on Twitter who have more hatred for Republicans than common sense. NONE of the main co-founding garbage humans condemned their co-founder John Weaver, who was exposed as a potential pederast. We’ve reported on Ryan Girdusky’s exposè on Weaver targeting teenagers, and the fallout. Supposed resignations of Steve Schmidt and George Conway, and faux apologies from those closely associated with the Lincoln Project were just a dog and pony show. These players are still being trotted out as experts by Bill Maher, CNN, and MSNBC, while brain-dead elitists who like to virtue signal and faint, act righteously indignant about the state of the country, and love to blame Republicans for everything, continue to willingly give them their money.

Now under the guise of education and civility, Reed Galen and the rest of this execrable, most uncivil bunch of grifters get to target your children and collect more money.

Fox News points out that major scandal doesn’t seem to have affected the Lincoln Project’s co-founders, or their bottom line. They are moving forward without a hitch and spewing their claptrap on air with the usual suspects.

Less than three months after the liberal Lincoln Project publicly imploded over multiple scandals, the disgraced group is getting mainstream media love again.

Co-founder Rick Wilson appeared on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” for a friendly interview on Friday, and senior adviser Tara Setmayer scored appearances Sunday on CNN and Monday on MSNBC, with liberal anchors Jim Acosta and Ari Melber, respectively.

Ex-adviser Kurt Bardella, who confessed to tweeting out hacked messages between co-founder Jennifer Horn and a reporter, continues to be a frequent MSNBC guest.


Steve Schmidt, who resigned from the board in February partly over his own stated concern that too many “White men” were involved in Lincoln Project leadership, has also re-emerged, speaking at a widely mocked “town hall fundraiser” for the group last week alongside Wilson, Stuart Stevens, and Reed Gallen. They are all White men.

The group’s scandals were not brought up in any of the various media appearances.

In more ways than one.

What they should not do is achieve any more fundraising prowess. Parents and concerned citizens groups are getting really good about naming, shaming, and protesting these ridiculous city councils and school boards that are trying to push the Critical Race Theory curriculum and impose mask mandates on children who are neither affected nor spread COVID. It’s time these folks get good at targeting these outside influencers who target their children and give them no quarter.

One would think the race grifters peddling Critical Race Theory would consider this bunch of old, white men unfit as well, but as the saying goes, game recognizes game.

According to the Axios scoop, this new organization is being dubbed a non-profit. Should these people, who have had a close association with an alleged pedophile be allowed tax breaks and benefits?

Asking for a friend.

The Lincoln Project bunch are no better than Ghislaine Maxwell or Bill Gates, who we are rapidly finding out was also a Jeffrey Epstein enabler. With the sleight of hand and shady money management that this group has exhibited so far, we have no idea who else is involved in this spinoff. It would be wise of us to keep an eye on the Franklin Project’s campaigns and finances so that we can find out.

It’s frightening, isn’t it? Corrupt individuals who leverage their malleable political allegiances and their dirty money to destroy those they do not agree with, now assume they have the right to capture the hearts and minds of your children.

There ought to be a law.


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