HOT TAKES: Even With a Mask, Biden's Jobs Report Stinks

So that Friday Jobs report


When you have financial people on CNBC needing to double check numbers, you know it’s bad.

Instead of recognizing this as a failure of policy and pivoting, the Biden administration is instead doubling down on more spending for unemployment, so you don’t have to worry about ever having to go back to work. Isn’t that great?!

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, who frankly are getting what they paid for (they gave huge contributions to the Biden for President campaign), had the nerve to weigh in:

A number as high as 6.1 percent means more people filed for unemployment than looked for work, even though there is plenty of work to be had.


What does that mean for an economy? Where are Biden’s economics gurus? U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellin? Is she too busy collecting on questionable investments and outlawing plebe day traders?

Back in December of 2020, when Biden introduced his economics team, he said:

“ground-breaking Americans who come from different backgrounds, but share my core vision for economic relief.”

“A first-rate team that’s going to get us through this ongoing economic crisis and help us build the economy back, not just build it back, but build it back better than before,” he said.

Groundbreaking and diverse are great for a stock portfolio, not so great for the American economy. These people look good at a press conference, but are actually helping no one but themselves. Those bright, shiny objects will get you every time.

This is not building anything back; it’s the slippery slope of an economic depression. What’s more, it’s a deliberate effort to tank the economy’s engine: small businesses and entrepreneurs. The U.S. Department of Labor Secretary actively attacking independent professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs is further confirmation that the Biden administration wants you dependent on government, not on your ingenuity and your ability to earn, grow, and build an enterprise.


And the American people are not ignorant to the fact.

Leading the way to redefining work, and creating Green Jobs… oh, wait…

We are seeing in real-time the groundwork for a Universal Basic Income.

Chef Andrew Gruel can attest to this. Gruel is a successful restauranteur who not only kept his businesses alive during the pandemic, but raised money to help other restaurants stay afloat; so he knows a bit about hiring, economics, and how to stimulate job growth. But when people don’t want the jobs presented for whatever reason, then there’s not much that can be done.


Ding. Ding. Ding. What exactly is, “a living wage”? How many businesses are going to be able to pay the government’s idea of a living wage and still survive? Even if they did, would it incentivize people to go to work?

Doubtful. We have raised a generation who thinks money, commerce, and building toward financial success so you can assist the economy and help others be successful is, well, just evil!

Chef Andrew Gruel is the consummate troll, though, so he had the last say on this:

Bottom line: Capitalism works when you allow it to. Incentivizing people not to work? Biggest killer of capitalism.


What type of incentivization do we need as a nation? Will we continue to have freedom of opportunity, or will be forced into the ghettoization of economic limitation and slavery?  Pretty obvious where the Biden administration and his economic dream team have their sights set.

This will not turn out well.


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