WHO FUNDS THE GAVIN RECALL DENIERS: Out-of-State and Dark Money Dollars

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez, Pool

The California Democrat Party held its virtual convention from April 29 to May 2. Of course, the focus of the sessions revolved around the recall of Gavin Newsom and how it needs to be stopped.

As CalMatters reported:

The Newsom cheerleading was loudest during the headline speeches on Saturday. It was a lineup designed to remind Democrats of the people and constituencies who have the governor’s back. There were national party leaders including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Kamala Harris, both Californians, and progressive heroes like Sunrise Movement Executive Director Varshini Prakash and U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee of Oakland.

“Gavin’s proactive measures and leadership save lives,” Lee said. “That’s why Governor Newsom has my unequivocal support and why we will and must defeat this right-wing driven recall.”

Tell that to the families of the thousands who died in nursing homes, or to the families of those who committed suicide or died due to drug overdoses. Those are lives lost because of Newsom’s leadership, yet the Democrats do not want to talk about it.

Despite pushback from his own party, Newsom is still intent on framing the recall as a “Republican, right-wing” campaign as opposed to the grassroots, citizen-inspired and led effort that it is.

In part of Hair Gel’s remarks to his peeps, he declared:

“With the help of the Biden-Harris administration, California is poised to put our fight against inequality into overdrive,” Newsom said. “National Republicans and extreme right-wingers, they’re not sitting back, they’re throwing everything they can at their recall power grab all in hopes — all in hopes — of rolling back all the important progress we have made together. We can’t let them win.”

It is rich that he wants to focus on “National” Republicans who are helping the Recall effort when people and corporations outside of California are pouring money into ensuring the effort fails.

Some of these donations were made to Gavin Newsom’s 2022 re-election campaign, but many were made directly to Stop the Republican Recall coffers.

An October 27, 2020 donation of $31,000 was made by Caremark RX—CVS to Newsom for CA Governor 2022.

In December of 2020, CVS was chosen to handle vaccine distribution throughout the State. Kaiser Health News recently issued a report saying that CVS and Walgreens are responsible for wasting more vaccine doses than most states combined.

Apparently, this is the boost you get when you botch a vaccine rollout.

Amounts of $31,000 and $32,400 were contributed to Newsom for California Governor 2022 by the Air Products Political Federal Alliance (Allentown, PA), and eBay out of Austin, TX. While eBay still maintains a footprint in San Jose, the company has headquarters throughout the United States and the world, including Salt Lake City, and New York, Mexico City, and Toronto.

The biggest donation from outside of California came from the headquarters of multi-million dollar tort firm Baron & Budd PC in Dallas, TX. The law firm donated $100,000 to the Stop the Republican Recall coffers. The firm handles complex tort litigation against corporations for damages caused by mesothelioma, asbestos, and opioids; so, it handles the type of litigation that is part of Newsom’s wet dreams; their work probably warms his social justice warrior heart. It is also the type of litigation his late father Judge William Newsom was intimately acquainted with.

The firm also represents water authorities seeking clean-up costs for drinking water contamination; municipalities, and those seeking damages from California wildfires and other environmental contamination. One can only imagine how many kickbacks and darker money might be found with a deeper dive.

Outfront Media (Fairfield, NJ), and Toll Brothers Builders (Fort Washington, PA) each gave $10,000 to the Newsom for California Governor 2022 war chest.

The last curious outside donation to Stop the Republican Recall was made by singer Sia Furler. Who is she? She’s a Grammy-winning artist who actually has talent, which makes one wonder why she is throwing in with the no-talent Governor Hair Gel. Sia contributed $5,000 through her Monkey Puzzle Touring loan-out corporation out of Ramsey, NJ.

Sia is also an Australian citizen, so the plot thickens.