Who Saw This Coming? Police Departments Nationwide Concerned Over Shortage

RedState/Jennifer Van Laar

The critical thinkers among us knew this would happen. From Philadelphia’s local ABC affiliate.

In Philadelphia, police are having trouble finding new recruits to join the force, even as officials say the department is severely understaffed.

FOP Lodge #5 President John McNesby says it’s kind of like a perfect storm developing.

The eye of the storm revolves around several issues including a dramatic rise in the number of Philadelphia police officers filing for retirement, a diminishing pool of young people who even want to be a big city cop, and the suspension of new officer training because of the pandemic.

Curious. “Because of the pandemic”? Perhaps the focus should be on what happened during the pandemic, and not the pandemic itself.

One need look no further than the trial of Derek Chauvin for George Floyd’s murder, and the Ma’Khia Bryant shooting by Columbus Police Officer Nicholas Reardon. While the Left continues to milk the Chauvin verdict for their “Defund the Police” agenda, they are discovering that the Columbus, OH shooting is more akin to getting blood from a turnip. Perhaps Officer Reardon’s heroic action can give other police officers and recruits some hope.


Philadelphia is not alone in this dilemma. Nationwide, major cities and smaller municipalities are seeing two things: mass retirement by seasoned law enforcement officers, and minimal recruitment of quality candidates. A vicious cycle, perpetuated by the social justice and equity crowd.

Police departments across the country are dealing with a shortage of officers.

The National Police Foundation reports 86% of the departments nationwide are experiencing a shortage. It was already an issue, but the events so far in 2020 have the situation worse.

Before this year, hiring for officers was on a five-year decline.

“It’s a hard time being a police officer,” said Dean Esserman.

No sh*t, Sherlock.

No less than the threat of losing one’s physical life is the threat of doing your job to preserve life, and losing your career because of the decision you made. Ask Officer Darren Wilson (Michael Brown) or Kim Potter (Daunte Wright) what has happened to their pensions, or what their families have experienced or are still experiencing. Why would any person choose to take that risk?

Esserman was the former police chief in several cities in the northeast, and now works with the National Police Foundation. He said two big factors are causing the shortage: Municipalities are facing budget cuts due to the coronavirus and police morale is down due to the protests.

“I think it seems that there’s no middle ground today. One has to be on one team or the other,” Esserman said

Pray for those who are still choosing to stay on Team Law Enforcement. Pray more for anyone brave enough to choose to become a part.