Pomona Fairplex Is the Latest CA Location to House Illegal Children

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The Pomona Fairplex is usually the annual home of the Los Angeles County Fair, but since COVID has ruined outdoor events for some time to come it is currently being used for vaccine distribution.


Now, the Fairplex is the latest ground zero for housing illegal immigrant children. Historically, this arena was one of the sites where the Japanese were interned during World War II. So for this racist and classist administration, this is totally on-brand.

Chair of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Hilda Solis (D-Shill) announced in a virtual press conference on Friday that the Pomona Fairplex would be the new temporary home for “unaccompanied minors” who have crossed the border.

“There will soon be thousands of young people inhabiting this space, which will be an emergency intake site,” she said.

Those thousands could go up to 2,500, and would be between the ages of 12-17, but could accommodate younger children as well, CBSLA reports.

The White House called Solis directly to request this. Let that sink in.

Along with her tight Big Labor ties, Solis was the U.S. Department of Labor Secretary during Barack Obama’s first term as president. She is highly connected to that administration, as well as highly corrupt, with union malfeasance, questionable appointments, business liens, and other dark money matters happening on her watch as both Secretary of Labor and now as a Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor.

So, it comes as no surprise that she would be the one to get and answer this call.


“Los Angeles County has a responsibility and an opportunity to care for unaccompanied minors coming to the United States,” she said in a statement. “This is not a border crisis – but, instead, it is everyone’s crisis.”


No, Hilda Solis, it is not “everyone’s crisis.” You did not seem to care about creating a crisis for restaurant owners and their workers when you were shutting down outdoor dining with no science to back it up, did you?

Why should illegal children be a citizen’s concern or the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors’ concern?

Asking for a friend.

This is also the same Hilda Solis who wants to create a crisis with her union-backed attempt to overturn Prop 22. An overwhelming number of gig drivers are minorities and people of color, but it seems Solis’s concern only reaches to people of color who come here illegally.

Solis said that she was “so moved” that the property agreed to provide an emergency intake site for the minors, many of whom she said were “escaping gang violence, poverty, persecution, and challenges that no young person should have to endure – only to make the dangerous journey to the United States for a better life.”

Solis, who is the daughter of Nicaraguan and Mexican immigrants, said that she knew “without question” that L.A. County would step up after the White House called to request use of the facility.

I would like to know if Solis is “so moved” by the record suicides among young people who have been barred from attending in-person schooling for an entire year? Is she moved by the business owners who have lost their livelihoods because of her decision to shut them down?


And just in case you didn’t know, Hilda Solis is the “daughter of immigrants,” as if that gives her more moral authority than a white woman who wants her child back in school or a black woman who simply wants to be able to work.

This anonymous resident of Pomona probably speaks for many. So glad she had the courage to speak up.

A woman, who lives across the street from the Fairplex and did not want to be identified, said she sympathizes with the children, but did not agree with the effort.

“We have over 500,000 homeless children in our own country that are living on the streets and are being neglected,” she said.

Yes. But the hierarchy here is: Illegals FIRST, Homeless SECOND, taxpaying and law-abiding citizens DEAD LAST.

Solis said COVID testing and vaccinations would not be impacted by the effort, though it was not immediately known when the children would start arriving.

Will those children be tested?

Also asking for a friend.


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