In a Moment of Clarity, the San Francisco School Board Decides to Postpone Its Renaming of Schools

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Looks like the San Francisco School Board could be shaking off its WOKE stupor.


Time will tell…

In the meantime, the Los Angeles Times reports:

The decision to strip more than 40 schools — including Dianne Feinstein Elementary School and Abraham Lincoln High School — of their names while those campuses remained closed ignited far-reaching controversy and legal challenges.

Now, the board is set to reverse course on its extremely contentious decision. On Tuesday afternoon, the board will vote on a resolution at its afternoon meeting that would officially suspend renaming efforts until students are back in school full time.

My colleague Alex Parker wrote about this back in January, and revealed who was behind this push to eradicate so-called hate. No big surprise that it is a member of a known hate group called the Nation of Islam. But you know, equity!

Abraham Lincoln’s been canceled.

By the San Francisco Unified School District.

As reported by the New York Post, Abraham Lincoln High School will get a moniker makeover.

And why? A committee’s concluded that many prominent people the district previously promoted — in the words of the Post — “led lives so rife with racism, oppression or abuse that their names should not grace its buildings.”

Hence, among SFUSD’s campuses, a whole lot of names are getting nixed.

So who’s in charge of the change?

The Daily Mail points to grade school teacher Jeremiah Jeffries:

The man behind the renaming…is a first grade teacher who was influenced by his parents — both prominent members of the Nation of Islam — who set up their own Islamic school.

Jeremiah Jeffries, chairman of the renaming committee, revealed in an interview his mother told him ‘There’s nothing mysterious about progression. It’s working instead of wishing.’

She and her husband set up the Sister Clara Muhammad School that serves a predominately African-American Muslim population.

The Nation of Islam, [is] defined as an organized hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center for its racist, anti-Semitic and anti-gay teachings and rhetoric of black superiority over whites.


Who knew?

But apparently, San Franciscans have a limit on how much stupidity they’ll swallow, and it has been reached:

Faith E. Pinho and Maura Dolan report, the school renaming controversy has roiled San Francisco politics, distracting local leaders from the pandemic, angering parents eager for schools to reopen and sparking bitter battles among members of the school board, who face a potential recall by voters. On Monday, the district’s superintendent Dr. Vincent Matthews announced that he was postponing his planned departure by at least a year as the district navigates through multiple crises.

San Francisco’s incendiary education debate and its ensuing controversies have become something of a national spectacle, exacerbated by an astonishing amount of infighting among local officials. Within the last few months, the San Francisco Unified School District Board of Education has been sued by the city of San Francisco and a member of its own school board, among other legal challenges.

How much ridicule does it take to realize you have become a national laughingstock?

You have the Vice President of the Board making racists statements about Asians:

As reported by The Blaze, the School Board vice president came under increasing fire this week, after a campaign to have her removed from office revealed social media posts from 2016 in which she made several racist comments against Asian Americans. How much do you love it when left-wing loons get caught with their hypocritical pants down?

Alison Collins went on a lengthy tirade arguing — among other hypocritical things — that many Asian Americans use “white supremacist thinking” to “get ahead.”  Even more fun, as The Blaze reported, Collins referred to Asian Americans who did not speak out against then-President Donald Trump as “house n*****s.” Oh, nicely played, Alison.


Collins didn’t get kicked off the Board… yet. But, she was “demoted”; removed from her VP position and committees.

Then your own city sues you, the School Board, because the number of youth suicides has gone off the charts due to your WOKE philosophy trumping any real scientific data:

As reported by USA Today on Friday, the number of suicidal children in San Francisco has hit a record high, and health experts say it is clear that keeping public schools closed “is catalyzing a mental health crisis among school-aged children.” As a result, the city filed an emergency court order Thursday in an effort to force its public schools to open their doors for in-person instruction.

Then you further prove your stupidity by beclowning yourself in an online public board meeting:

Oakley, California is a community in Contra Costa County, a relatively upscale and prosperous county in Northern California that is east of the San Francisco Bay.  The Oakley Union Elementary School District Board is overseen by the Contra Costa County Board of Education.  Oakley has a population of approximately 45,000, and the School District consists of seven elementary schools and two middle schools, with a combined student population of over 5000.

During the course of the videoconference, the Board members mocked parental concerns with one of them stating that parents just “want their baby sitters back” — a reference seemingly to the district’s teachers.

Another Board member made reference to a medical marijuana delivery service operated by his brother, and the fact that many of the service’s customers are parents who are at home and still have their children in the house rather than in school.  He mentioned it was hard for parents to take delivery and smoke marijuana during the daytime with kids in the house and not at school.

Just a few moments after these comments, one of the Board members advised the others that the District’s IT personnel let them know that their videoconference was actually open on WebEx to the public.


Have we reached peak stupidity yet? I think when you can’t even do research on WHY the schools were named as they are, you’re probably close:

The original effort wrongly accused American Revolution hero Paul Revere of attempting to colonize the Penobscot Indians, the Guardian reported. Another mistake was over the name of Alamo elementary school, which was actually named after the Spanish word for “poplar tree,” and not after the battle of the Alamo in Texas.

School board president Gabriela Lopez acknowledged the inaccuracies in a statement and said that when they return to the issue after all districts children return to school, it will employ historians to ensure a “more deliberative process,” according to the Guardian.

San Francisco parents have had enough of the WOKE and they have just received the approval on a Recall petition to remove three San Francisco School Board members.

The San Francisco Department of Elections approved Monday the circulation of a petition to recall at least three members of the San Francisco School Board, including Alison Collins, Faauuga Moliga and Gabriela López, according to the Washington Examiner.


I did say that recall fever would spread in California. If San Francisco has caught it, you know it’s truly contagious.


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