San Francisco School Board Demotes Board VP Over Past Racist Comments About Asian Families and Students

San Francisco School Board Demotes Board VP Over Past Racist Comments About Asian Families and Students
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They can’t help but eat their own, because even they can’t live by the rules they want to impose on everyone else.

San Francisco school board members voted “no confidence” in removing Vice President Alison Collins from her VP position and other committee positions she held.

This comes after derogatory tweets Collins made in 2016 recently resurfaced.

On Tuesday night, the school board held a regular meeting where Collins offered an “apology” for the first time. Despite this apology, Collins refused to follow suggestions that she step aside, so in a special session on Thursday night, the Board voted 5-2 to remove her from her positions. The two votes in opposition were from Collins herself and the Board president, who has been the only person to support her through the controversy.

Board member Jenny Lam stated, “I am not alone when I say I don’t have confidence in Commissioner Collins’s ability to fairly govern a school district that is almost half API with no bias. Restorative justice begins by acknowledging the harm and making the intentional effort to connect with those in the community that has been harmed,” Newsweek reported.

The controversy arose after past, anti-Asian American tweets were found on Alison’s Twitter feed involving anti-Asian American stereotypes back in 2016.

From Newsweek:

The tweets, which were sent two years before Collins was elected, also said that the Asian community needs to speak out more against racism against Black and Latino people, suggesting they would also be targeted by incoming president Donald Trump‘s immigration policies.

“Talk to many [Lowell High School] parents and you will hear praise of Tiger Moms and disparagement of Black/Brown ‘culture,'” Collins tweeted in December 2016.

“I grew up in mostly Asian Am schools and know this experience all to well. Many Asian Am. believe they benefit from the ‘model minority.’”

“I even see it in my FB timeline with former HS peers. Their TLs are full of White Asian ppl. No recognition Black Lives Matter exists.

“2 mixed-race/Black daughter [sic] heard boys teasing a Latino about ‘Trump, Mexicans and the KKK.’ The boys were Asian-American,” Collins added. “She spoke up when none of the other staff did. The after school counselor was Asian.

“Where are the vocal Asians speaking up against Trump? Don’t Asian Americans know they’re on his list as well?”

“Do they think they won’t be deported? profiled? beaten? Being a house [n-word] is still being a [n-word]. You’re still considered ‘the help.'”

San Francisco local and state politicians called on Collins to resign, including Mayor London Breed, State Assembly members David Chiu and Phil Ting, and San Francisco Supervisors Connie Chan.

But Collins refused all demands that she do so, only grudgingly acknowledged what she had posted on Twitter, and then claimed that her words from 2016 were being taken out of context in the environment of 2021.

“A number of tweets and social media posts I made in 2016 have recently been highlighted. They have been taken out of context, both of that specific moment and the nuance of the conversation that took place,” Collins told the San Francisco Chronicle.

“I acknowledge that right now, in this moment my words taken out of context can be causing more pain for those who are already suffering. For the pain my words may have caused I am sorry, and I apologize unreservedly.”

Here is a little example of what the SF School Board was in for — this is an appearance of Collins before the School Board, as a parent, in October 2016, two months before the tweets in question.


Collins was part of the project in San Francisco to rename many public schools, in order to remove the names of historical figures now being judged by the San Francisco woke cognoscenti as having been racists or imperial exploiters of the indigenous — including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

“The history of Lincoln and Native Americans is complicated, not nearly as well known as that of the Civil War and slavery,” he said. “Lincoln, like the presidents before him and most after, did not show through policy or rhetoric that Black lives ever mattered to them outside of human capital and as casualties of wealth building.”

As one commentator on Twitter noted, if Abraham Lincoln can be labeled as a racist for something he said or did 160+ years ago, then Collins can be called a racist based on her Twittering less than five years ago.

Thems the rules, we didn’t make ’em up — but that doesn’t mean we can’t laugh while the Wokesters apply them to themselves.

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