Cuomo Presser Is Another Distraction From the Real Elephant in the Room

Cuomo Presser Is Another Distraction From the Real Elephant in the Room
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And there you have it, folks. Thousands of elderly dead from COVID exposure in nursing homes that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo first instituted through his emergency powers, then covered up. There are three women traumatized by his inappropriate sexual behavior, and now calls for investigations and his resignation are piling up.

Cuomo decided this required a press conference, but in all the blather, this is all he had to say:

Oh, and he is not resigning.

That’s okay, because Harmeet Dhillon has the explanation on how to ensure Cuomo does not get away with murder:

The real crime of negligent homicide and its subsequent coverup has not even been fully addressed by Cuomo.

Frankly, the whole #MeToo thing is a distraction from that. Those who do not have their head up their hindquarters are paying attention.

Those paying even greater attention know that Cuomo has not been alone in killing grandma and grandpa. John Nolte of Breitbart wrote:

In a just world not plagued by a fake and corrupt media, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) would be on the edge of resigning his office today, not over a handful of times he allegedly got aggressive with women, but over his sociopathic executive order that required nursing homes to accept patients still infected with the coronavirus.

That, after all, is the real scandal here, the true scandal, an act so monstrous Cuomo knew he had to cover it up, which he did by falsely blaming the order on the Trump administration and then lying about just how many seniors died as a result[…]

So what’s going on? Why is America’s corrupt media not at all interested in some 15,000 dead senior citizens while they tar and feather Cuomo over the allegations he made three left-wing women uncomfortable?

The answer is obvious…

Four other Democrat governors issued the same sociopathic nursing home order as Cuomo. Four other Democrats ordered infected coronavirus patients be admitted into nursing home facilities where 1) the most vulnerable live, and 2) they’re not set up to handle an infectious virus.

What this means is that if the corrupt media were to do the right thing (like that will ever happen) and go after Cuomo over his deadly nursing home policy, it would open a Pandora’s Box against these four Democrat governors and the Democrat party as a whole, which is something our fake media will never do.

Those four other Democrat governors? Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania, Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, Phil Murphy of New Jersey, and Gavin Newsom of California. While all of these corruptocrats shut down businesses, closed schools, and forced people to stay in their homes in the name of “Science”, they were willfully murdering our most vulnerable population without so much as an afterthought.

One of those governors may be getting his due soon, as California is working on recalling him. The other three? Conservative personality Steven Crowder held a rally at the Michigan State Capitol last year to bring attention to Whitmer’s negligence. Last week, Pennsylvania’s legislature held a hearing to try to bring Tom Wolf to account. While the Shore News reports that 95 percent of the COVID-19 deaths in New Jersey were persons 50 years old and older, there is no outcry to hold Phil Murphy accountable.

In the meantime, sex sells, and the news media is great at distraction. Easier and cleaner to do that than to unravel the true carnage that these governors have caused.


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