IN MY ORBIT: Why is Insurgence USA and FBI Informant John Sullivan Being Ignored By the Media?

IN MY ORBIT: Why is Insurgence USA and FBI Informant John Sullivan Being Ignored By the Media?
Utah County Jail

Provocateur, BLM, Left-wing, far-Left, videographer, artist, and activist. All of these descriptors have been used to describe John Sullivan, the Utah founder of Insurgence USA, and FBI Informant.

John Sullivan is a well-funded agitator, who was hired by CNN and other news outlets to record video footage of the Capitol unrest on January 6.

John Sullivan has been at the scene of two killings. Sullivan filmed the killing of Ashli Babbitt on the Capitol steps, and he was involved in a fatal shooting at a Provo, Utah BLM protest that he organized.

Despite these suspicious checks and his past organizing activities, John Sullivan is being used by the FBI as an informant. This might explain why he is out on bail and able to gad about, give interviews, go to protests, and still be able to promote his so-called video activism.

In his informant testimony, John Sullivan deliberately accused journalist Andy Ngo of being part of the mob who broke into the Capitol on January 6, and that is why Ngo fled the country. Ngo countered by having his attorney send John Sullivan a “cease and desist” letter.

The media and Left-wing activist types have been quick to tie his brother James Sullivan to right-wing extremism and the Proud Boys. This is video footage of James Sullivan speaking at a Proud Boys rally in Portland.

So what is so controversial about this? James Sullivan wants to be identified not by the color of his skin, but the content of his character and actions. Didn’t the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. have a similar dream? Aside from turning over evidence about his brother John, as far as we know, James Sullivan’s activism hasn’t been connected to any violence.

But the media is quick to place derogatory labels and aspersions when it comes to James Sullivan. But John Sullivan? We are not allowed to call him a domestic terrorist. This is considered bigoted.

We are not allowed to tie John Sullivan to Antifa. As we saw in the Senate testimony surrounding the Capitol riots, FBI Director Christopher Wray testified that Antifa was nowhere near the Capitol on January 6.

So, if John Sullivan is not a domestic terrorist, then why does he embed himself into unrest for the supposed goal of getting raw footage? Why was he heard on radio on January 6 egging the violent protestors on? Why did he film the shooting of Ashli Babbitt, but pretend to be an objective observer?

It often requires getting outside the media complex to get any real answers, and an independent arm called PT Network has done the heavy lifting.

This interview with Sullivan and the network’s Stephen Oatley was posted just four days ago. John Sullivan gladly gaslighted about how he has not organized violent protests. Sullivan talked about how in certain situations he is there for activism, and at other times he acts as a journalist. Sullivan further claimed that he only puts on a persona of violent rhetoric in order to protect himself from being attacked by the Antifa and BLM groups in which he is embedded.

Shame that real journalist Andy Ngo, who was beaten senseless and suffered a brain bleed from an Antifa attack a few years back, didn’t think about using that option when he went to report on the violence Antifa caused in Portland.

Oatley was having none of Sullivan’s doublespeak, and laid out the images and video footage of the times Sullivan acted as an agitator at a protest, while claiming to be an objective journalist. Oatley asked a pointed question about whether Sullivan stages his own protests in order to film them, and whether he knows what his activism does to his family. Sullivan claimed that he has nothing to feel guilty of or over, and further spun about false narratives surrounding his name and actions.

Oatley has been tracking John Sullivan’s story even before the Capitol Riots. Oatley wrote an extensive piece about him in September of 2020—four months prior. Oatley even interviewed James Sullivan about the effect of his older brother John’s activism on their family.

Sullivan’s family is not sure what caused him to be radicalized. His younger brother James told PT News Network that his family noticed John started to have left-leaning political views early this year and then suddenly appeared completely radicalized out of the blue.

“It has hurt our family,” James said. “My Mother cries most days.” James has taken it hard, saying he used to be very close to his brother. Now James spends his days attempting to protect the family, doing damage control.

Oatley pulled from the article he had written and told Sullivan that he had interviewed the people who surround him, including girlfriends who claimed to have been abused by him. Oatley also brought up a contract for a documentary with progressive filmmaker Max Fuerst, who was interested in the Sullivan brothers Left- and Right-centered activism. Oatley challenged Sullivan on whether the person who set up the documentary was the same person who set up a book deal on Sullivan and his involvement in the January 6 Riots.

Oatley even asked Sullivan about his mental health. Sullivan said he was “mentally sane”.

Oatley countered,

“You’re free to appear on shows and defend your narrative, which I don’t understand.”

Neither do I. The only conclusion I can come to is that John Sullivan continues to be a paid agent of the legacy media, and this is why his story and his motivations fail to get any coverage from them. The legacy media and Democrats want to keep spinning the phony narrative that Trump caused the Capitol riots. So they use an emotionally unstable, charismatic creative to not only stir up violence, but to film it. Then with the promise of attention, Sullivan carries their water in order to cover up for Congress’s lies and duplicity.

What a tragic tale. Sullivan is still weaving his own version of it, but I do not see this having a happy ending.

The full interview with Oatley on the PT News Network is just a hair short of an hour, but worth watching. The level of self-deception and spin is rather disturbing, and there is a surprise twist at the end that you won’t want to miss.


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