Whatever, Mon: Kamala Harris Feels A 'Weight of Responsibility' to Pay Her Debt to Black People

Whatever, Mon: Kamala Harris Feels A 'Weight of Responsibility' to Pay Her Debt to Black People
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The legacy news media in California is all atwitter with the visit of Vice President Kamala Harris to Los Angeles. Harris and her husband Doug Emhoff own a home in the toney Southern California neighborhood of Brentwood (remember OJ?), and according to local CBS7 News, Harris and Emhoff came for the weekend to “handle chores like packing their belongings at their Brentwood home.”

And if you believe that, I have some swampland in Florida to sell you.

The fact that the Los Angeles Times needed to do an op-ed spotlighting a sit-down interview Harris did with the 19th News, a progressive, all-womyn, and POC “journalism” shop, is just another indicator that the selected Vice President not only needs to be propped up, but needs legacy media to do her PR work.

As the L.A. Times article notes,

“It’s a sign of our progressive times just how unafraid Black politicians are to openly talk about what they owe the Black voters who put them in office. Just like it’s a sign of our times that Black politicians can’t simply acknowledge that debt. They are expected to actually repay it by addressing the vast and immediate needs of Black Americans.

This is what has finally happened to Harris.”

Did it? And did Black voters put her in office? Silicon Valley and Wall Street would beg to differ.

The White House is allowing Harris to scheme behind the scenes, like speaking with foreign heads of state without Biden present. I’m old enough to remember when VP Dick Cheney’s active role in the GW Bush administration was an indication that Bush was incompetent and not fit to lead.

When they do bring Harris out at strategic times, she steps in it, like her claim that the prior administration left them no COVID-19 strategic plan and that the Biden-Harris administration had to “start from scratch” with the COVID-19 response.

My colleague Bonchie points to why Harris’s run for president was an abject failure, and why she has no capacity to lead.

The dumpster fire interview with Savannah Guthrie on school reopenings being Exhibit A:

But, Harris continues to wait in the wings as the Manchurian Candidate. She pretends to stay behind the scenes until the 25th Amendment is put into play. The Biden cabinet has not yet been formed, and having everyone in place is necessary for this to happen; so I’m sure she is chomping at the bit—better not do too much of that or she’ll ruin those perfectly capped teeth.

In the meantime, she can play shadow president and pretend to say stuff about topics that matter to “her people”.

The interview with the 19th, and the L.A. Times article serves to seed how “necessary” it is to have a half-Black, half-Asian woman VP, and how important her role will be in race relations, when her past “leadership” has been a blight on both racial and criminal justice.

The legacy media wants you to forget that Harris never shook off her record as San Francisco District Attorney and California Attorney General, where she incarcerated people of color at alarming rates, and even advocated for an innocent man to be executed.

Kevin Cooper was on death row, and his attorneys were willing to pay for advanced DNA testing in order to prove his innocence. Then California Governor Jerry Brown, along with then-AG Harris opposed this; that is it until Nicholas Kristoff at the New York Times exposed the case. Harris ascended to the U.S. Senate, and the California executive branch, minus Harris, relented.

Black people, particularly Black men, neither like or trust her, and many did not vote for her. But the 19th, the L.A. Times, and the majority of legacy media will continue to uphold the lie that Black people are looking to VP Harris to do right by them, while memory-holing how the truth of her past belies that delusion.

Tell me, where was that weight of responsibility when Harris incarcerated Black men and set them up to die?

Asking for a friend.

Where is Harris’s weigh of responsibility for Black babies? Harris has enabled Planned Parenthood, one of her main campaign funders since she ascended to public office in San Francisco, to continue to get away with murder at a rate of 247 babies a day. Harris spearheaded the persecution of investigative journalist David Daleiden, who exposed Planned Parenthood’s sale of baby body parts.

As Spectator.US. wrote:

“First, she declined to investigate any potential illegal activity on the part of Planned Parenthood, instead choosing to throw the book at those behind the sting. The Center for Medical Progress and its founder, David Daleiden, were soon at the center of a criminal investigation ordered by Harris, which included a raid on Daleiden’s home — seizing his camera equipment and hard drives.

“Two years after the videos’ release, California’s prosecutors charged Daleiden and an associate with 15 felonies for filming Planned Parenthood staff without their permission – the only known instance of undercover journalists being criminally prosecuted in California history. Some of the charges have since been whittled away, but the trial is set to continue.

“However, when it emerged that Planned Parenthood and its associates had donated over $80,000 to Harris’s political campaigns — both for attorney general and for a seat in the Senate — there was outrage over the flagrant conflict of interest. Pro-life campaigners pointed out that, in the same year, Harris’s department had praised undercover animal-rights activists for their investigations into abuse in the poultry industry.”

While the Lion’s Share of the L.A. Times “think” piece focuses on the demands of Black Lives Matter with a new “Build Back Bolder” plan, the article posits ideas on how Harris could begin to pay back the debt she owes to the Black community for… <cough, cough> putting her into the vice presidency.

“Perhaps the easiest starting point for Harris to begin paying the debt to Black America would be to curb the COVID-19 pandemic — and then find more ways to ease the economic and societal fallout from it, which is likely to be felt in hard-hit Black and Latino communities for years to come.

“Already, the vice president has been touting her involvement forming a White House task force to address health inequities that have been exacerbated by the pandemic. She also has been using her voice to counter conspiracy theories about COVID-19 and encourage skeptical Black people to get vaccinated, as she did on the Black-owned L.A. radio station KJLH-FM (102.3) before heading home to Brentwood for the weekend.”


The pivotal question that should have been asked of Harris is why does Joe Biden thinks Black people cannot use the internet in order to help ourselves?

Where does he get such ideas? Does she feel a weight of responsibility to educate Jim Crow Joe? Maybe Harris herself doesn’t know how to use the internet?

Inquiring minds would like to know.

This paternalistic mentality that Kamala Harris enables, while cravenly waiting in the wings to take over, is as nauseatingly reprehensible as this dribble from the Los Angeles Times.

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