Beto O'Rourke Attacks Ted Cruz Over the "Capitol Coup" and Warns About "The Big Lie"

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Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke is still rattling around, threatening to challenge Governor Greg Abbott (good luck with that), and generally seeking relevance. Apparently, Joe Biden broke his promise to make him a Gun Czar in his administration (big surprise there), so Beta O’Dork has to go on the only network that cares, MSNBC, to trash the response of his state to their current energy woes, and to blame Texas Senator Ted Cruz for the Capitol “coup attempt”. O’Dork continues the narrative of the Left, spreading falsehoods that not only is Cruz responsible for inciting the riots because he made the constitutionally-sound decision to challenge the Electoral College vote certification, but Cruz is responsible for “the deaths” of police officers.


That, and $5.25 will get you a latte at Starbucks… Maybe.

O’Dork placing the deaths of officers on Cruz is ridiculous on its face, since no “officers” actually died on January 6. The first death reported was Officer Brian Sicknick, but he didn’t die on January 6, nor was it from anyone’s direct action on that day.

The tragedy of Officer Sicknick was that not only did he pass away, but he was wrongly used as a political cudgel. Sicknick died from we don’t know what; but it wasn’t because of the unrest that happened at the Capitol. Yet, the Left and legacy media ran with the story that he had been “bludgeoned” with a fire extinguisher by one of the protestors.

As my colleague Nick Arama wrote:

Indeed, according to ABC, they are reporting that Sicknick’s death may have been “driven by a medical condition.”

According to sources familiar with the matter, authorities believe Sicknick’s death was driven by a medical condition. They’re also investigating reports that he was attacked with a fire extinguisher or another item at the Capitol, sources said. So far, reports of an attack haven’t been confirmed and authorities are hoping to locate video or other imagery from the scene.

He did not die until after he had returned to his office where he collapsed and was later taken to the hospital where he died around 9:30 p.m.

Sicknick’s family said in a statement, “Many details regarding Wednesday’s events and the direct causes of Brian’s injuries remain unknown and our family asks the public and the press to respect our wishes in not making Brian’s passing a political issue.”


The New York Times only recently retracted their story, and CNN admitted that they had no idea what Officer Sicknick expired from.

Another inconvenient fact the Left wants to ignore is that Officer Sicknick was actually a Trump supporter. But that’s too much reality for a TDS-riddled hack like O’Dork.

The other officer who died after the Capitol unrest? Howard Liebengood. He committed suicide soon after the Capitol events. Death by your own hand being blamed on Ted Cruz is a real stretch for O’Dork, but stretch he will.

Maybe some of our brave, firefighter journalists could investigate why an officer would commit suicide after this particular event? Asking for a friend.

The New York Post mentions the three Trump supporters who actually did die as a direct result of the January 6 kerfuffle, but I don’t think O’Dork even gave them a second thought. They don’t fit into his political narrative.

[P]ro-Trump protesters from Pennsylvania, Alabama and Georgia died after suffering medical episodes during the violent uprising — including one woman was trampled by a mob storming the building.

So really, the only people actually killed on January 6 were Trump supporters, most tragically, the veteran Ashli Babbit. Babbit was shot by a Capitol police officer, and then smeared by the Left because she was into Q-Anon. The legacy media dug into her social media posts like garbage, and threw out the smelly scraps in order to distract from the fact that her death was not only appalling, but totally unnecessary.


But, never let the truth get in the way of a good yarn, ehh, O’Dork?

If O’Dork wants to talk about a Big Lie, he needs to look in the mirror. It is he that is furthering it by painting the Capitol unrest as some spontaneous coup attempt engineered by Trump supporters, when the facts on the ground are showing anything but.

Pro Publica did a report on how Capitol Officers felt hung out to dry by Congress, and that they were woefully unprepared for the chaos that occurred.

The riot squad defending the embattled entrance to the west side of the U.S. Capitol was surrounded by violence. Rioters had clambered up the scaffolding by the stage erected for the inauguration of President Joseph Biden. They hurled everything they could get their hands on at the cops beneath: rebar, plywood, power tools, even cans of food they had frozen for extra damage.

In front of the cops, a mob was mounting a frontal assault. Its members hit officers with fists and baseball bats. They grabbed at weapons slung from the officers’ waists. They unleashed a barrage of M-80 firecrackers. Soaked in never-ending streams of bright orange bear spray, the officers choked on plumes of acrid smoke that singed their nostrils and obscured their vision.

“Cans of food they had frozen for extra damage”? Sounds like Antifa’s methods to me.

It continues:

Many of the officers were speaking to reporters for the first time about the day’s events, almost all anonymously for fear of retribution. That they spoke at all is an indication of the depth of their frustration over the botched response. ProPublica also obtained confidential intelligence bulletins and previously unreported planning documents.

Combined, the information makes clear how failures of leadership, communication and tactics put the lives of hundreds of officers at risk and allowed rioters to come dangerously close to realizing their threats against members of Congress.


Pro Publica is no right-leaning publication. In fact, the locus of the story still wants to blame January 6 on Trump and his supporters trying to overturn the election. But the fact that Capitol Officers are saying that Congress is to blame for the lack of preparedness and poor training that resulted in their inability to stave off the January 6 assault speaks volumes.

Journalist John Solomon has been following the FBI investigation of January 6 closely. Solomon went on Eric Greitens Actionable Intelligence, and reported that the siege was pre-planned, security officials in charge of protecting the Capitol knew something was about to go down, yet they failed to alert or prepare the Capitol force.

Sound familiar? WATCH:

I love the way Solomon points to the number of times Americans were told an attack was “spontaneous”, but once the evidence was laid out, it showed deliberate cover up by administration officials and the intelligence community, government incompetence, or both.

Americans were told by the Bush administration that they were sucker-punched by a surprise attack on 9/11 by terrorists, only to learn the CIA and FBI had significant advance evidence of the plot and its players and failed to connect the dots.

Susan Rice originally told the nation that the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi was carried out spontaneously by a mob angered by an anti-Muslim video. The attack, it turned out, was pre-planned and carried out by an al-Qaeda-aligned terror group in Libya.


Then Solomon laid the boom:

“This story has the potential to boomerang around to a very different ending than what the American people were presented today.”

Solomon also said,

“we’ve been force-fed a story, without all the facts.”

Yeah, we’ve had five years of that, and this one is looking no different. But O’Dork continues to spread this Big Lie, because like most politicians on the Left, Trump lives rent-free in his head.

For O’Dork to end with the Beer Putsch of 1923 reference is not only the height of stupidity, but reveals how little he knows or understands history.

It’s also his not-so-subtle smear on any Trump 2024 presidential aspirations. Once again, evoking the bogeyman in order to control the children.

As per usez, Beta O’Dork is allergic to facts.


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