The Left Is Trying to Use Capitol Police Officer's Death to Make a Political Point, But Here's an Inconvenient Fact

Media has been reporting on the death of Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick.

But as I wrote last night, they didn’t have the facts right.

The initial story, “from sources,” was that Sicknick had been hit in the head with a fire extinguisher by protesters and then died.


The facts are that they have not yet confirmed that story, it’s not clear if he was hit with anything, that he went back to his office where he collapsed and then later died at the hospital and that he had an underlying medical condition that according to ABC, authorities think might have “driven” his death.

But the left has been using Sicknick’s death to bash and demonize Trump supporters, even spreading a video claiming it’s Sicknick being beaten to death. This despite his family telling people not to do that.

Not only is that vile and sick, but there’s something else Democrats may not know.

Sicknick himself was a Trump supporter, according to his friend Caroline Behringer. According to the NY Post, he’d actually written letters to his congress person to oppose President Donald Trump’s impeachment. He came to question the elite in government and their decisions after being deployed to Saudi Arabia and Kyrgyzstan. He came to believe that the those in control in government were “self-interested, unresponsive.” Can anyone really say they disagree with that assessment?

Many on the left are using the violence of some of the people at the protest to demonize Trump supporters in general, suggesting the very support is somehow wrong or to be condemned, that raising questions is somehow wrong. That’s nuts. That’s condemning 75 million Americans. When you do that you are in fact condemning people like Sicknick, a man who upheld the law his whole life.


But Democrats want to equate the legitimate election questions and Trump support with the violent actions, to punish/shut down the legitimate questions and the people/politicians who raised them.

These broad strokes being taken now by the left have very little to do with concern for police officers. If they were actually concerned about police officers, they wouldn’t have demonized them specifically over these past several months, if not years. It’s all about using whatever they can to crush any questions about the election, to consolidate power and crush their opposition.


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