The City of L.A. Tweets Birthday Accolades to Mayor Eric Garcetti—It Goes as Expected

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I have no idea who runs the City of Los Angeles Twitter account, but it seems as though they are practicing for their after-hours, stand up comedy gig.

Maybe they just need to sit down instead.


It may come as a great surprise, but Mayor Eric Garcetti is not universally loved. But the City of L.A. decided to tweet out a birthday message anyway. It went about as expected:

“A year older and so much has changed, but our beloved Mayor Garcetti @MayorOfLA continues to age with wisdom and grace while managing the ever changing needs of LA and Angelenos.

“Happy Birthday Mr. Mayor. May this year be the best one yet!”

The phrase “Lack of Situational Awareness” comes to mind. If Garcetti had a brain (he doesn’t), he’d fire the staff member who set him up for ridicule like this…

And this…


And even this.

This is the mayor whom #BLM-LA successfully prevented from acquiring a cabinet post in the Biden administration. All it took was protesting every day for 21 days in front of the mayor’s mansion and pointing out his inability to control the growing homeless crisis, as well as his years of allowing one of his top advisors Rick Jacobs to sexually harass the men on Garcetti’s staff. It didn’t take long for Biden-Harris to give him a hard pass.

Even though the administration still used him as a mouthpiece after the election, Garcetti merely showed that he is Not-Ready-for-Primetime.

Beloved? The majority of Angeleans would beg to differ:

Warning: some of the tweets below contain coarse language (profanity).

Then there’s the phrase: “age with wisdom and grace.”.They left themselves wide open on that one!


Garcetti spent the majority of his years as mayor trying to get to a higher office, then spent the last year playing Kommandant Klink with the COVID-19 pandemic. The schizophrenic nature of the opening of business, then shutting it down, did not sit well either:

Then there were the Summer brown-outs….

No, Garcetti is neither beloved nor a wise and graceful city manager. He’s merely an abject failure on every possible level.


The only thing that has saved Garcetti from being dragged across the 405 behind an F-150 pickup by his ankles is the fact that he only has one year left in his second term as mayor. Many in Los Angeles would rather pour their energy into getting rid of Governor Hair Gel, and we’re 1.4 million signatures closer to doing that.

Cleaning up California, one horrible politician at a time.

Yeah, Happy Birthday, Eric Garcetti. Hope you weren’t expecting balloons and a card. Some of us are still waiting for our unemployment checks, so we can’t afford it.


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