On Cancel Culture and Ex-NYT Editor Lauren Wolfe, Who Needs Some Cheese for that Whine

On Cancel Culture and Ex-NYT Editor Lauren Wolfe, Who Needs Some Cheese for that Whine
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Former New York Times Editor Lauren Wolfe is the latest person on the Left who is being swept up in an environment which they either ignored, enabled or allowed to be created, as long as it was used against people, speech and thought that they did not agree with.

Like most journalists, Wolfe expressed herself on Twitter, and many chose to disagree with it. Subsequently, The New York Times chose to rescind their contract with Wolfe.

“The New York Times reportedly canceled an editor’s contract after she tweeted that she had ‘chills’ watching Joe Biden land at Joint Base Andrews the day before the inauguration and slammed Trump for not sending him a government plane.


“Lauren Wolfe tweeted on Tuesday: ‘Biden landing at Joint Base Andrews now. I have chills.

“ ‘The pettiness of the Trump admin not sending a military plane to bring him to D.C. as is tradition is mortifying. 

“ ‘Childish,’ she wrote. 

“HuffPost contributor Yashar Ali tweeted later that he had been told by two sources Wolfe had her contract ended over it.”

Wolfe is not only unhappy about it, but a tad bitter. Her fellow travelers have also taken to Twitter to defend her and blame the usual suspects: fascists, right-wingers, “Trumpkins”, and Leftist journalist Glenn Greenwald of all people.

“Josh Shahryar (they/them) #BLM” should learn that you don’t help someone’s case by name-calling and attacking people who had nothing to do with Wolfe’s situation, and whom you know nothing about.

A response from Jarl Blitzen brings it into focus. This type of attack and cancellation has been happening to conservatives for years. What makes Lauren Wolfe so special?

Wolfe has been critical of the concept of Cancel Culture for a while, and she even decries the talk of it to describe her situation.

Maybe it’s age; maybe its the knowledge of all the so-called journalists who continue to perpetrate disinformation and lies to protect their turf and narrative, but I have zero sympathy for Lauren Wolfe’s supposed cancellation.

Apparently, I’m not alone.

People lose jobs all the time, some for legitimate reasons, some because at-will employment is a thing, and companies exercise it all the time.

I lost a job because I made a racial euphemism (not even a slur) over email. I was joking with a Hispanic coworker about a particular issue involving a name change, and instead of hitting “Reply”, I hit “Reply All”, which launched it to many other parties involved in the particular work being done. The comment wasn’t directed at anyone in particular, but my employer didn’t appreciate it (or my stupidity, to be honest), so I was fired.

I took my lumps, and found other work in the same industry, and learned my lesson NOT to joke over company email for any reason.

In early 2020, because of this pandemic and the shutdown of industries, I lost a steady Yoga gig that helped to support my family. It wasn’t my fault; the company chose to do what it did, and I had no say in it.

Sudden loss is never fair, but it is a part of life. It’s even worse when the loss is the result of manufactured circumstances. Many conservatives have been decrying this for a while now, yet people like Wolfe and her ilk have been insulated from it because they worked for publications like the New York Times and had the “right” pronouns on their Twitter profile.

Not so insulated anymore, are you? Been cast down and treated like the rest of the plebes, have we?

There are 11,000 people who, thanks to the capricious virtue signaling of the President who gave her “chills”, have lost their work on the Keystone XL Pipeline. How many of them are not able to pay their rent or mortgages now? How many of them will not be able to pay for care for their sick animals or sick children who are reliant upon them?

As an “award winning journalist and photographer”, who has had many media appearances, Wolfe should not be lacking in offers right now. And does she not have savings? Most Americans have emptied theirs thanks to this pandemic.

Probably what infuriates me most is her website biography, which another staunch defender encourages us to read, to understand that she will not be intimidated by “fascists”:

“I’m an award-winning journalist who has written for publications from The Atlantic to The New York Times. I’m formerly a columnist at Foreign Policy magazine, director of WMC Women Under Siege—a journalism project on sexualized violence in conflict originated by Gloria Steinem at the Women’s Media Center—and senior editor at the Committee to Protect Journalists. Last, but hopefully not least, the UK’s Daily Telegraph named me “an awesome woman you need in your life on Twitter,” so I hope to live up to that at @Wolfe321.”

Wolfe has a pedigree, connections, and the feminist credentials to do anything she wants in her chosen world, even in this pandemic age. What Wolfe does and her particular point of view are not lacking the people and companies who will pay for it, and probably pay handsomely. Instead, Wolfe chooses to be rooted in victimhood, and lash out at a journalist colleague for doing… her job.

I have had hit pieces done on me, and Jennifer Smith’s Daily Mail article (referenced at the beginning) was anything but. If anything, it was an indictment on the fawning media culture that fellates and coddles an administration that they did their best to secure and usher in at the expense of all else.

As the former editor who helped enable a publication that spewed out a ridiculous level of sewage, from Russia! Russia! Russia! to fraudulently obtained tax returns, Wolfe is in no place to judge anyone on their level of journalism.

Wolfe has since deleted certain tweets, so she’s either been intimidated or is trying to hide.

Here’s my recommendation for Wolfe. Use your savings and the GoFundMe your friends have mounted to pay your rent and take care of your dog. Once he has transitioned (and they do, sadly, they don’t live as long as we’d like), get off your fanny, rent an RV, rent out your expensive, New York City residence and travel across the country to write some real stories. Find those employees who were stripped from their jobs in a nanosecond by Joe Biden’s pen. Find the business owners across America whose government decided they weren’t essential and couldn’t stay open, not based on any science, but because they wanted to kill small business and get cheap real estate. Find the children who have been trafficked because of illegal influx and cartel syndicates that this new administration is now giving carte blanche to overrun our country.

There are stories out there that legacy media cares little about. If you want to continue to live up to what your bio says, “improving the world”, why not let the world hear about these marginalized and forgotten people?

Or do you just need some cheese to go along with your whine?

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