Canceled NYTs Editor Once Mocked the Existence of Cancel Culture

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If you are active on social media, you probably saw some mention of Lauren Wolfe being fired by The New York Times yesterday. The former editor had previously put out a now deleted tweet in which she claimed to have “chills” over Biden’s plane landing on Inauguration Day. Her slavish take was far from unique, and that led to a lot of mocking of just how in the tank the media as a whole were.


Yet, many on the right came to Wolfe’s defense, decrying her cancellation because a lot of people on our side simply lack the stomach to let these people live by their own rules. As it turns out, maybe that energy is best used elsewhere? Ironically, Wolfe once mocked the existence of cancel culture in a resurfaced tweet.

(Tweet embedding no longer works for the above tweet because she deleted her account, but you can see a screenshot of it below)

Like clockwork, anytime someone on the left is cancelled, it almost always turns out that they previously laughed at that the idea that cancel culture even exists. The arrogance of such is not lost on those sitting back and observing the left now eat their own.

Despite that, Wolfe is apparently so married to her own ideology that she still can’t admit cancel culture exists. Here’s a tweet by her today on the matter juxtaposed with her tweet from last year.


While there are certainly people who warrant a defense in this current toxic political environment, I’m thinking Wolfe is not one of them. The right has been warning for years that this is not healthy. Yet, Wolfe and her colleagues mocked any discussion on the matter at all. Now, they have to live by the new rules.

Of course, there’s probably more to this story. I doubt the Times sacked her over that one tweet. We’ll see if she’s interested in giving more details in the future.

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