PRIORITIES: Nancy Pelosi Took 9 Months to Negotiate COVID Stimulus II, But Took Less Than 7 Days to Impeach Trump

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Freshman Congresswoman Kat Cammack pitched this damning tweet:


One of her followers brought the pitch home.

Just when you think the height of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hypocrisy and excess cannot get any higher, she surprises. Pelosi spends 9 months supposedly negotiating a second Stimulus package, “for the American people”, and blamed everyone from Republicans to Big Corporations to President Trump for the failure of not being able to craft a suitable relief package.

In October, Pelosi TWICE lied on national television, both on CNN (go figure). Here’s her hit in early October with Jake Tapper:

And later in the month with Wolf Blitzer. Pelosi even had the nerve to get testy with Blitzer when he called her on, shall we say, her lack of transparency:


We feed them?” What are we, trained seals? The way Pelosi speaks of us, you’d think that’s the case.

After the election, Pelosi admitted that holding up the COVID Stimulus really wasn’t about “the American people”, but all about ensuring Trump did not get a victory or credit. Sister Toldjah covered Pelosi’s unfiltered admission:

“The stunning admission was made during her weekly press briefing with reporters this morning where questions were asked about the status of the Wuhan virus relief bill including on how soon she felt both sides could come to an agreement on the particulars.

“Prior to the election, Pelosi and other Democratic leaders in the House balked at the Senate’s smaller bill and demanded much more. Now she says she’s open to a scaled-down bill in the interests of getting something passed soon.”


Then, just like she did with Wolf Blitzer, Pelosi snapped at a reporter for calling her on her hypocrisy:

At the 11th hour of 2020 the COVID Stimulus II package was finally negotiated and sent to the President. Far from being “smaller”, this bill was a ridiculous, 5,000 page Porkulus package that gave billions to foreign countries, but a measly $600 to individual Americans and small business. When President Trump called for an increase of funds to the American people to $2,000 per individual, Pelosi claimed she was on it, even doing a song and dance with Minority leader Chuck Schumer to make it happen. Pelosi knew it was DOA in the Senate, but theater is what these politicos live for, and Pelosi ensured she put on a show.

Rush Limbaugh recently said in his radio program:

“It’s just another example of how I say liberalism is one of the most gutless choices you can make. All you have to do is point out suffering or point out things you think are wrong, and you are given credit for being brilliant, for having compassion, for caring. You don’t ever have to solve anything as a liberal.

“You don’t ever have to fix anything. You don’t ever have to improve a damn thing. In fact, thing can go to hell in a handbasket on your watch.”


This is Nancy Pelosi’s leadership in a nutshell. In all her overweening splendor, she recently went on 60 Minutes with Leslie Stahl, to explain why the President is dangerous and needs to be removed. Jennifer Van Laar noted Pelosi gave yet another excuse on why she held up the Stimulus package:

“Stahl then asked about the COVID relief bill, which was held up for eight months by Pelosi (she is the Speaker, after all). Pelosi first said that it was the Republicans’ obstruction, but then admitted that she held it up but that it wasn’t obstruction, because ‘there was no respect for our heroes,’ and that ‘nobody expects me to support something that solidifies injustice in our country.’ ”

Pelosi changes her story to suit the moment she finds herself. This latest excuse had nothing to do with injustice and everything to do with shoring up the power of Public Sector Unions. All of those “heroes” she touts are roles that have been unionized. And frankly, in her state of California, if she cared so much about them, then why are they being furloughed?

My colleague Mike Miller wrote about Nancy pushing the American people over the cliff toward socialism, while living like Squealer the Pig in Animal Farm. After all, “all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”

“Elitist liberals like Nancy Pelosi go through their lives largely unaffected by their hypocrisy or the deserved criticism they receive. She is not only impervious to it; she rails against those who call her out, incredulously believing she is somehow the aggrieved party.

“That said, there is at least one saving grace, here.

“The degree to which Donald Trump has lived rent-free 24x7x365 in Pelosi’s head for the last four years — coupled with the depth of how much it angers her — “almost” makes her inexcusable nonsense tolerable. ‘Almost’ being the operative word.”


To bring in another great literary genius, I hope Pelosi sits up at night like Lady MacBeth, wringing her hands, with Trump’s voice ringing in her ears.

It’s what she deserves.



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