Kelly Loeffler's Last Stand

Kelly Loeffler's Last Stand
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Senator Kelly Loeffler lost her election bid against the good Reverend Raphael Warnock, and that is a tragedy which all of America will have to endure. But until Warnock is sworn in, Loeffler is still Senator in Georgia and has some last minute business to attend to:

“The Associated Press projected incumbent Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler would lose to Democrat Rev. Raphael Warnock in Georgia’s highly contested runoff election, but she is still able to take part in Wednesday’s Electoral College count.

“Loeffler was appointed at the beginning of 2020 to fill a Senate term running through 2023, so her term will not end until Warnock takes office. The other Republican in the race, David Perdue, is not currently a senator because his term expired last Sunday.”

Loeffler declared Monday that she would be part of today’s objection to the Electoral College certification of Joe Biden as President. From her statement:

“Elections are the bedrock of our democracy and the American people deserve to be 100% confident in our election system and its outcomes. But right now, tens of millions of Americans have real concerns about the way in which the November Presidential election was conducted — and I share their concerns.

“The American people deserve a platform in Congress, permitted under the Constitution, to have election issues presented so that they can be addressed. That’s why, on January 6th, I will vote to give President Trump and the American people the fair hearing they deserve and support the objection to the Electoral College certification process.”

Loeffler made this statement before President Donald Trump visited Georgia for an election eve rally. Loeffler also reminded constituents that she had sponsored two pieces of legislation addressing vote fraud; one of which would set up a bipartisan commission to review the November 3, 2020 election.

It is definitely a last stand for this stage of what is a fairly new political career, and one that is calculated toward Loeffler’s political future. Loeffler recognizes the Republican Party is now the Party of Trump, whether the establishment recognizes it or not. The chances of Trump overturning the Electoral College results are slim to none; but no matter what the outcome, Trump and his influence will remain on the scene for some time to come.

By backing Trump, Loeffler is inculcating herself into that political reality. Whether her plans are to use that political capital to run against Warnock again in 2022 to take back the Georgia Senate seat, run against Brad Raffensperger for Georgia Secretary of State, or run against Brad Kemp for Governor of Georgia, the winds are in her favor.

So don’t think we have seen the last of Kelly Loeffler. Once the nation realizes who was elected to the Senate in the Faustian bargain which occurred in Georgia, we will be hearing her name again. Consider this last stand a launch pad to larger political stage.

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