Governor Gavin Newsom’s Concerned About Being Recalled—Let’s Help to Make it a Reality

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Governor Gavin Newsom’s got 99 problems. The legacy media is finally admitting that his approval ratings are in the tank with his dining out at the pricey French Laundry when most Californians can’t even dine out at their local diner. His Hairfulness is also getting heat because his prominent holdings and wineries received $3 million in PPE loans, while other California businesses died on the vine because they could not receive this funding. Remember, Newsom’s wineries magically remained open, while other wineries have been shut down because of his restrictions.


The poor, put upon millionaire Governor has many things weighing down that well-coiffed head. My heart bleeds (full sarcasm alert). So, a credible and fast-moving Recall could be the weight that fells him.

Let’s make it so.

“California Gov. Gavin Newsom has already survived five long-shot recall attempts in his two years in office, but those close to him are reportedly worried that the current recall effort amidst frustration over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic could prove successful.”

Californians are more than frustrated—they are downright pissed, and it is most clearly reflected in the small business owners who are being destroyed by Newsom’s capricious and draconian executive orders. Thank God, they are fighting back. Many videos are out there, but the most viral has been Pineapple Hill Saloon’s Angela Marsden:

Now, bar owners in Contra Costa County are mounting a lawsuit against this recent outdoor dining ban:

And fresh off his victory suing the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, Mark Geragos is mounting a lawsuit against the State and Newsom. Geragos spoke with Dr. Drew Pinsky about it yesterday:


Restaurants and other small businesses were the flash point, but the fires have been raging across the state for a while now. Protests are happening all around the State in resistance to these newest set of lockdowns that are neither supported by science nor justified by common sense. Many are quietly protesting by simply getting on with their lives, as they should.

These are adding more fuel to the Recall. Trust me, it is A THING, despite the chattering class of lobbyists and politicos on Twitter. These are the ones who look at the Secretary of State’s website numbers and immediately dub this Recall as just a scam to get your information and take your money.


I have been in constant communication with some of the Recall leaders since the summer, and nothing could be further from the truth. Today, I spoke with Cynthia Gabaldon, one of the San Gabriel leads, about facts on the ground.


“If you look at the Secretary of State’s website and look at the Recall numbers, please understand that those are not current totals, she said. “We have not been allowed to make submittals due to COVID.  We have a third party team, who were part of the Gray Davis recall, to pre-verify the signatures before submittal. As of this week we really do have about 810,000 signatures.”

So, you have it from the horse’s mouth. The Recall is more than halfway there to reaching the 1,495,709 valid voter signatures by March 17, 2021.

Gabaldon continues,

“Our goal is to get 7,000 people in California to get 100 signatures. The typical volunteer gets about 50 signatures a week.”

I have done this among my own household and close friends and gotten 15 signatures. Each petition holds 5 signatures, and all of us know more than five people who could sign.

If you are a California business owner who has managed to remain open, you can set up a signing booth.

“Booths do get more signatures,” Gabaldon said.  Here in the Inland Empire, we have Bass Pro Shop. This is the only store in Southern California. At this location we are getting anywhere from 200 to 400 signatures a day.”

Gabaldon also said that people are driving down from as far as the Central Coast of California (Fresno, San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria) to sign the petition. The fervor is real.


But like anything worth doing it requires time and money.

“We need donations to pay for more media. We need donations to pay for printing,” Gabaldon said.

The San Francisco Gate piece echoes this:

The Chronicle’s Phil Matier talked to some of the recall leaders for his Wednesday column, and organizers agree that with more financial support, they could probably garner enough signatures to force the state’s first recall election since Gray Davis was recalled in 2003.”

I asked Gabaldon why she is volunteering (all the leads are volunteer—NOT paid) her time to this effort, on top of running her own business:

“I am doing this because Newsom is ruining this State. He is everything I don’t want for my kids and grandson. We need to stay here in California and fight. Otherwise the rest of the country will get infected.  Time to Prepare, Stand and Act!!!”

Writer Debasish Mridha says, “Don’t wait longer. It is always the right time for the right action.”

Here’s how YOU can help, especially in the midst of these latest round of lockdowns.

  • The Recall needs people to step up and for two weeks and work to get signatures. Remember that 7,000 number? 7,000 x 100 a week would garner 7000,000 signatures, which would get to the goal of 1,495,709. It can be done.
  • The Recall needs donations. Many of us are hurting, but any donation to the cause can bridge that gap of $500,000. Visit to make a contribution.
  • Visit the Bass Pro Shop! At 7777 Victoria Gardens Lane, Rancho Cucamonga, CA. It is 90 minutes, give or take, east of Downtown Los Angeles. Take advantage of  the lighter traffic and take a road trip.


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