Legacy Media Worries that Trump has Broke the GOP--We Sure Hope So!

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In another pretense at journalism, POLITICO has gone full-on expose with this piece about Trump’s damage to the GOP and what it means for the future of the party.


“As his presidency comes to a close, Trump has not only imprinted his smash-mouth style on the GOP, he has wrenched open the schism between the activist class and the elected class, according to interviews with more than a dozen Republican Party officials and strategists in the states.”

The “Republican Party officials are all “former” somethings, or GOP “consultants” which can range all forms of grifters and not a lot of true believers. They all weighed in on the piece, in an effort to stay relevant and get attention—mostly to get attention.

What I find most interesting is how POLITICO rushes to examine the GOP post-Trump, but made only half-hearted efforts to do the same to the Democrats post-Obama. I guess they think Obama didn’t blow up the Democrat Party. They are dead wrong.

POLITICO wrote a piece post-2016 that talked about “tensions” at the Democrat retreat between the moderate and progressive wings of the party, and how they needed to regroup and redirect under a unified message of an economy that works for all Americans.

Fast forward four years, and we can see that they’ve learned nothing and the rift between the so-called moderate and progressive wings is still a great divide.

As is their desired method on how exactly to help Americans. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi apparently had no problem playing politics with pandemic funds as businesses died, people starved, and children committed suicide.


Madam Speaker also oversaw the loss of 9 House seats, and there are still a few more hanging in the balance. Mostly because of her full-on disregard of the Socialist wing of the party and their promotion of dead-end causes like Defund the Police. But in Pelosi’s warped brain, she considered this a mandate.

POLITICO Playbook at least got this right that the divide will dominate the party in 2021, but they seem to fail to delve deeper.

THIS KIND OF rift should not be overlooked, because it will come to dominate governance should Washington turn all blue. AOC is seen as one of SCHUMER’S top potential primary challengers. The simplicity and bare-knuckled nature of her message could resonate among a Democratic base that’s looking for knife fights, not senatorial process arguments.”

And other than to praise them for their moxie, no one is pushing back on the free-range Socialist “Squad”, who gained a few new members despite the 2020 Democrat down-ballot flubbing.

But the GOP’s future? It must be fully investigated, like a gastroenterologist does a colonoscopy. POLITICO ended with deep “concern” about what Trump’s influence could bode for the Party’s future.

“In a measure of how deeply Trump’s influence penetrates in the states, Michael Burke, chair of the Republican Party in Pinal County, Arizona, sent Ducey a letter last month on behalf of 13 of the 15 Republican county chairs across Arizona that called for the governor to reconvene the legislature to address GOP concerns about the vote in that state.

“Burke said the ‘chances are getting slimmer every day’ that Trump will prevail in his challenges to the election. But regardless, Burke said, ‘it’s still Donald Trump’s party. He’s probably, I believe, going to be the most consequential former president in our lifetime.’

“Of tension in the party, he said, ‘I think it will be long-lasting.’ ”


I say, “Good!” Despite the efforts of the NeverTrumpers and so-called GOP Elite, the Grand Old Party is never coming back. The fact that we are looking at a Biden-Harris administration is a clear indication that the Democrat Left will be the prominent voice of their Party.

We are going to need a robust GOP that is more Trumpist and knows how to actually fight and stand their ground, rather than roll over and play dead.

The Old GOP is dead. Long live the Republican Party.


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